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EEVblog #1029 – BGA PCB Fanout

Dave looks at some issues with fanning out tiny 0.4mm pitch BGA packages, via pad ...

  • Daniel

    has more fluff, but snazzier web2.0-ish

    You should throw the model number up on the screen for the product your reviewing.

  • Sebastian

    Well, I am one of the ones ashamed of not knowing about the burden voltage. I started going through your podcasts and all I can say is that they’re terrific … keep up the good work and a big “Thank You!” for doing this

  • kal

    is the hp multimeter 5 and 1/2 digit accuracy
    or 5 and 1/2 digit resolution
    +-199999 i think you meant resolution

  • PawelK

    Can the TPS3809 supervisory chip in your

    • @ PawelK
      It can be substituted with anything compatible of the same (or close) reference voltage. Only chosen because of availability and price at the time.

  • karma

    Hi Dave,
    where can I get further info about the uCurrent widget? on sale, may be?

    great reviews, I wish to see more literature reviews in your more recent vdos.


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