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    • Just found your blog and I have to say – really informative stuff, I will be forwarding your website on to some friends of mine who will certainly find it interesting

    • Alex

      I quickly glanced to one of our European catalog distributors and the 87-V sells for 450 Eur (quite more than the 300 USD you refer) while the lower range 83-V sells for 375 Eur. Expensive!

      • That’s common in many countries. The answer is just buy direct from overseas.

    • SergeM

      Plastic to shield from RF interferences… really?

      • Coder

        I recall there are ‘conductive’ plastics that will attenuate RF to some degree. Also, you can coat plastics with a conductive film. But I don’t know if this meter actually uses these techniques.

    • someonesdad

      I concur on the recommendations of the Fluke. I bought a Fluke 83 about 20 years ago and the only thing that has gone wrong with it is a display bug about a decade ago. A $20 fix kit on ebay was available. When you amortize a $300-$500 instrument that you’ll use every day over 10-20 years, cost is completely, totally irrelevant.

    • StevenC

      Quick question for you.
      I just got my Fluke 87V, my first fluke and proper multimeter for that matter. Overall I am very happy with it, but something has been bugging me, when you tilt it so the screen starts to point down and the backlight is on. The screen becomes unreadable, washing out all the readouts . Is this something that is common with this model.

      • Coder

        Yeah, I agree with you StevenC. The viewing angle with backlight is noticably limited. Even without backlight, the LCD contrast is not as good as other meters I use. Despite that, I really like this meter. I think the quality and refinements grow on you.

    • Thanks I got your url. Does someone by chance have a backup mirror internet site or weblink to a different source? The link won’t seem to work for me.

    • Randy AB9GO

      I have a 87 V and it is a great rugged meter. No question. I needed a case for the meter + extra leads. I purchased the C25 soft case that is recommended for this model. $29.99 list for a case is kind expensive especially since it is made in CHINA and cost at most $2.00 to produce. Fluke needs to manufacture these in the USA along with the meter or drop the price down to $10.00 like other one hung low meter cases. Major profit maker for Fluke.

    • The Fluke 87V is a great meter. Having worked in calibration for +20 years Ive seen loads of different multimeters. Even sub £10 ones from the local supermarkets (uck)

      Only problem I’ve seen with the 80 series Flukes is the writing rubs off the soft function buttons on some meters after a few years. This could be down to the environment they are used in though. Mine was bought last xmas as an upgrade to a very early Tandy digital meter.
      Which apart from being manual range still works perfectly.
      Though it does not go anywhere near mains as it does not even have a fuse on 10A or anyform of real protction

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