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    • Zach

      With battery life that bad, I’m surprised that it does not come with a wall wart adapter add on.

    • Kyr

      I own a first generation 189 (purchaced new) and I was worried about the short battery life when I got it, but after 3 years I can say it isn’t that bad.
      I takes about a year to show BAT on display.
      I admit tho, I don’t use it daily…

      What really disapointed me was the (7 seg) LCD. Not all segments have the same contrast and some are so fade that I have to look at 90 degrees angle. Awfull viewing angle.

      I wonder if I got a faulty one?

      • Michael

        Yes. Its’s faulty. Problems with the rubber contacts to the LCD. You could repair it by yourself.

    • Guillermo

      hi friends, it is posible to find service manuals for my 287 ?
      it fall from 1 floor and dont turn on again.

      Sorry for my bad english an thancks.

    • Alex

      Hi Dave, great brief review/comparison video blog!

      I feel that two products compared belong in a different class and are aimed at different users with different priorities.

      A comparison of the 87 and 177 might have been more appropriate.


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