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EEVblog #970 – Mailbag

Mailbag time. WARNING, Contains Nerd Nudity Forum HERE SPOILERS: Lab Gruppen C SERIES 88:4 Power ...

  • none

    So where’s pt 2?

    • Sorry, I had to get some sleep. The Youtube uploads take longer because they are much bigger files. Part 2 was available as a direct MP3 download, so those who watch that way (iTunes ect) have already seen it! Uploading to Youtube now.

  • Great!, stargate references!(ZPM) i love that series.

  • James

    Hi David, I love the eps where you actually open something up and give a brief description, would you mind giving a short description of how diodes can be used to detect temperature?

    • Lionel

      With silicon diodes, Vf changes with temperature in a very predictable way, so they make a great “poor mans” temperature sensors. They’re not so good for measuring absolute temperature, but they’re very reliable for measruing temperature differentials (eg; ambient vs local). Check the data sheet for a 1N4148 or 1N4001 for details.

  • eydryan

    I love your shows, great fun 🙂

    Esp loved the one with audiophoolery 😀

    your stuff is really great, keep making them , first one i saw was about capacitors and it was really interesting.

    can’t wait for pt2 🙂

  • Hi Dave. Well done on the blogs. I especially loved the rant 3:00 minutes into #35 with the Star Trek & Stargate references as did my 17 year old son. More of these humorous bits please 😉
    Anyway great job, keep them coming!


  • Aki

    Bought a Varta 15 minute NiMH Battery Charger and got to say maybe I should not have purchased one. The leds are shining in red with the batteries it came with.

  • most battery chargers do not have an automatic termincation if the batteries are fully charged already ‘

  • Aki

    “Problems with Varta 15 minute charger”