• EEVblog #36 – It’s Hardware Puzzle Time!

    It’s time for YOU to get involved and solve a hardware puzzle – what does this board do?
    Get your reverse engineering brain into gear and win a prize.

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    – Dave makes the rules and can change the rules
    – The first person who (in Dave’s opinion) is the closest to guessing what this board does and how it works wins the prize, the more detail the better. The most correct may not necessarily win if enough detail is not there. I’ll let it run for a while even if someone is spot-on up front.
    – No time limit, until Dave closes it that is.
    – I will not reply to guesses, so no “cold”, “warm” etc
    – Hints may be given in due course
    – You can build upon other peoples answers and gazump them with extra detail if you think they are pretty close!
    – You can guess as many times as you like

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