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    EEVblog #1056 – Digilent Open Scope MZ Review

    Dave looks at the Digilent Open Scope MZ Review, an $89 open source oscilloscope, logic ...

    • TrentO

      This episode is the BEST ONE YET!!! I was laughing so hard by the end, I was CRYING!

      I believe project managers are (wanna-be) politicians that lack people skills.

    • Man, I can’t wait till I graduate and get to work and laugh my ass off with “projects” like these.

    • idris

      For the last project, you say they got ‘developers’ to write HDL, which they weren’t very good at? As in, software developers? If that’s what they did … then … wow.

    • This is an excellent post!
      I understand how you feel when project management change every week its requirements. Sometime it is totally frustrating and all you have to do then as you say is to wait for your paycheck. 🙂

    • Michael Thompson

      Oh Dave.
      If only I had seen this episode 3 years ago.

      You sir, are an inspiration.

    • Andrew

      Reading list, if you are masochistic enough read how other struggle:

      Glass, Robert L. Software Runaways. Lessons learned from massive software project failures.

      De Marco; Lister: Peopleware.

      Yourdon, Eduard: Death March.

      Zachary, G. Pascal: Showstopper!

    • Neil

      All too true… One reason that I subscribe to the Dilbert website and get a cartoon every day. The best ones go onto my screen saver.

    • Cam

      This is funny because I know what all of these systems are….

      Good one!

    • Baron

      Nice one Dave,
      Very sad, but true !
      Management often trips over its own feet, particularly in larger organisations.

    • Issam

      Another straight-to-the-bone post!

      Well, I’ve spent sometime on projects that ended to be dead .. at least two. The best part that describes what I’m passing through recently with an IPT project: Over-management! Which is like more meetings/documentation than work!

      Again, great post Dave!

    • I’m not a hardware engineer but a software engineer. I’ve experienced pretty much everything you describe.

      I think they’re general features of the business or government world.

    • signal7

      I love this post. It’s so accurate it’s scary.

      Probably the one thing that didn’t get mentioned is the cause of some of the micromanagement. Those MBA programs teach supervisors be insecure about their projects because, you know, they want to ensure success and they aren’t going to let some lowly engineer get away with failure! Seriously, sometimes I think trust is just too underrated…

    • excellent good, this post justifies practically nothing hahaha just joshing 😛 nice write-up

    • McMonster

      One of the best videos, I’m posting this on my team’s internal forum. If this was released more recently I’d accuse Dave of spying on my current work place.

    • Peager


      Spot on man…. My company just got bought out and I saw 20 years worth of custom software development for our specific industry tossed in favor of their archaic piece of crap system. We went from a lean agile organization that got things done to one that had to have meeting upon meeting run by people who didn’t even understand the problem. The best I can say is as of last Friday, I’ve got a great severance package.

      I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Keep it coming man.


      • A change is as good has a holiday, enjoy your newfound freedom!

    • Danny S

      This is spot on – “All aboard the meeting merry-go-round – woohoo!”. I’ve done software development for over a decade, and the number of projects I’ve seen like this. “The last project went wrong, so we’ll micro manage the next one even more, and have even more meetings, and spend even more time in the minutiae of prioritising , only to decide that it is all urgent right now”.

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