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    • Neil

      The cynical will note that Microchip will happily say how they are “listening to the customers” and “responding to feedback”

      Of course – the really cynical will say that was why they took the features out in the first place…

    • anonymous

      Hehehe, the tie!

    • Ramzi

      I think this is a cover story. hehehehe

    • Peet

      I enjoy your blog on my phone. But I need a link to a mp4 file to watch it. Could you add 1 to this episode?

      • Sorry, it’s Microchips video, so I don’t have access to the MP4 file.

    • charlie

      Funny stuff.

      But I’ve been in plenty of meetings exactly like that, its too good a rendition!

    • Timothy Tee

      So what happen to the older unit I bought early of this year.

      1) I can get ‘programmer to go’ from MPLAB 8.40.
      2) I am stuck with the weak LED. Maybe I can just modify it myself.
      3) How about the serial analyzer and debugger function? I need to wait?

    • TrentO

      Wow! I’m genuinely impressed. They’re letting it all hang out there for the world to see. I believe THIS is what is meant by boldness of vision. The messaging prior to this was soft ambiguous, so they fixed it– and boy, did they ever!

      The buzz around this will be huge.

      Good job, Dave.
      Good job, Microchip.

      You KNOW the “engineering” group was genuine, because they had that fancy-dancy Tektronix O-scope in the background!

      If only I can get a refund on the PICkit 2 that I bought last month to program PIC32’s– Didn’t know it was a no-go until I tried in MPLAB. THAT hasn’t changed, has it? Now I can buy the NEW PICkit 3 with the BLINDING BLUE LED (see Dave’s blog #28, Microchip; in other words, don’t OVER do it.)


    • Peter Kutas

      Truly impressed that a company like Microchip took the time to listen to constructive critism…
      Good onya Dave, tell it as it is…

      Cheers, PK.

    • James

      ROFL, this was funny as hell, way the go Dave!

    • XynxNet

      I am really impressed with Microchip!

    • jlcstrat


    • Fernando

      Hey, great work, seems that this blog is an industry standard!
      Thanks Dave, we are getting improved developer tools!!!
      anyway I’m still waiting for a platform independent or a “UNIX” version of MPLAB.

    • Ryan Farrelly

      Surely that isnt the type of people a country builds itself on??? Thats gay – Im studying to be an electronics engineer from belfast. Im a bit drunk. But FUCK ME! Microchipchip people are smart but extremely gay. (Apologies we havent learned how to be civilized yet).

      • TrentO


    • Haha. My eyes were also drawn to that oscope 🙂

    • Lol. His name is D. Head. And D. stands for “Dick”.

      Hehe, Microchip seems to be a funny bunch of people 🙂

      Greetings from Germany!

    • Jack

      Never used many microchip products, but I’m considering it for no other reason than to support these cool people!

    • Alan

      Seriously funny! Nice to know that they have a sense of humor; but to what job charge number did they charge their time?

    • Ahahahah, really funny! I was surprised to see how this fits perfectly in the company that I work, lol!

    • hiiiiiiii

    • Eric

      The BEST damage control i’ve ever ever ever seen,

      really good to see this type of response, it contained great info, but wasn’t boring to watch.

    • pickit 3 bricker

      My new PICkit 3 just bricked.. I have only been using it for about 5 minutes. Programmed three devices and then it bricked itself.

      Google searching shows this to be a problem, some think it is OS / chipset related.

      Well.. Microchip, this PICkit 3 I have is a steaming piece of dog turd.


    • Peter Teoh

      The girl seemed to be the same girl here:


      Genuine Microchip video?

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