• Sexiest Geek?

    Wonders will never cease!
    Dave has been nominated for Wired’s Sexiest Geek of 2009 award! (LMAO!)
    Vote HERE
    (search the page for EEVblog, or get more visual enjoyment by scrolling down until you find me! ;->)
    (thanks to John for pointing out this hilarity!)

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      • Sean

        Jeri Ellsworth, because I really like her current pinball project.

        And Dave because he’s a really informative bloke.

        Keep up the good work, the both of you!

      • Sean

        They’re missing Lady Ada, someone needs to submit her and then we’d have the Electronics Triumvirate!

      • Everyman

        Jeri Ellsworth
        Jeri Ellsworth
        Jeri Ellsworth
        and maybe
        Jeri Ellsworth!

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