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    EEVblog #943 – How EEVblog Does Video Editing

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    • Tom

      Thanks for this Dave, keep up the great video blog! I’m voting every day 😀

    • chris

      Thanks for sharing this with us Dave ! 🙂
      I’ll give it a try real soon.


    • Thanks, great documentation :).
      Btw. what do u think about http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/micro-digital-storage-oscilloscopedso-nano-p-512.html ? Is it worth buying ? (Not “instead” real scope, more like 3rd channel/take-anywhere scope)

      • Daniel Meinzer

        That scope is discussed in the EEVBlog forums a bit.


        • Didn’t noticed that thx! Guess ill buy Rigol, i thougth about getting it “for start” and get real scope in few months but i guess its not worth it ;]

          • Brett

            I just bought a Rigol DS1052E 50MHz for $419 shipped to the US, thanks to some posts I read and ultimately Dave’s videos. Now I just have to be patient and wait… argh! Thanks for the

    • Pro

      The uCurrent article uncovers a new portal of uA/mA measurement, a new dimension to look into metrology. A subject so critical but so little mentioned about.
      I remember incidents of measuring the output power of amplifiers and charging current of batteries, experiencing unexpected voltage drop and had to switch to the 6A/10A range adamantly.
      I had built a mA prototype a year ago, I must say, to overcome the above mentioned problems with available components (100mohm precision current shunt, quad JFET input Internally Compensated OpAmp wired as Instrumentation Amplifier with a voltage gain of 10.
      The uCurrent project being far superior demands components the market have not heard about. Just for being a little curious and as the article mentions ‘Blank PCB

    • Accessories for some testing equipments are expensive, better yet, if getting trouble of purchasing test gears, why not try to get one in online test equipment rental. Surely they provide testing gears and accessories at a very low price.

    • Your RSS feed doesn’t work with my browser chrome? is it your site?

    • J Cesar

      Are you planning to have more stock Dave? I would like one 😀

    • Thank you for your help!

    • David

      I cannot open this PDF, both Adobe PDF reader and Nitro Pro say’s it is damage and cannot be repaired.
      Am I the only one with this problem?

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