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  • Yeah, sadly I have a number of clients that are lawyers. I like them, they pay promptly and they don’t bat an eye when I quote my rates.

    But I won’t be sad on the day they’re all lined up against the wall.

  • If I’m understanding right, Zazzle is based in the US, and I’m guessing that that was a DMCA takedown request from NBC Universal?

    DMCA takedowns require the host to take down the infringing content immediately to maintain safe harbor protections, but on the flip side, a DMCA takedown can be reversed, and the host must put the content back up upon your request if you say that it’s your own content.

    (Granted, this opens you up to a real, full-blown lawsuit, and if you’re judged guilty of infringement, IIRC, it also opens you up to a perjury case.)

    IANAL, however.

  • Brian Hoskins

    That’s totally shocking!!!

    Back to the Future is one of my favourite movies too. In fact, I love the whole trilogy (although the third one was waning just a tad).

    Hope you get the T-Shirts back online!


  • Jack

    Bugger, I had actually just sat down to buy that.

  • Sam

    I think it’s the fact that it’s called a Flux Capacitor T-Shirt (or mousepad or whatever). Flux Capacitor would be a trademark of theirs. If you rename the T-Shirt, you’ll be fine as it doesn’t actually say “Flux Capacitor” on it at all.

    • Ray Jones

      Hey, remember the old name for Capacitor


      The “Flux Condenser” – only true geeks would understand that!

  • Ondre

    Those bloody laywers at NBC! One should put them, along with the telephone cleaners and maybe some stupid marketing guys, into a large spaceship, heading for a distant planet.

    Btw. in the german translation of the movie, they made a slight mistake and called the flux capacitor “Flux Kompensator”. If it turns out to be a naming issue, you could try to call your T-shirt “The Flux Compensator Shirt”, so maybe the laywers are not going to find it anymore ;-).

    Dave, keep up your great work! I totally love your video blog!

    Greatings from Germany!

    • Ondre

      …oh drat! It’s “lawyers”! What’s a laywer? Haven’t had enough coffee yet!

  • SAL-e


    You should talk to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF.org). They are dealing with that kind of BS all the time. I know there is organization with same name in Australia, but it is not the same.

    I am not a lawyer, but using the name ‘Flux Capacitor’ should not be copyright infringement and DMCA should not apply. DMCA is only for protecting copyright not a trade marks.

    Of course the Universal will say something different.

    All those copyright cases reminds me the East-European communists. They have been given privileges and they become accustom and they start acting like it their God given rights and abuse them. Exactly the same thing is happening in US. Congress is corrupted it is passing more and more ridiculous laws like DMCA. So I can predict US is going in the same direction like USSR. I only hope that people wake up and make real change before is too late.

    Best regards and continue the good work,

    ps. More and more I think those guys are right:

  • walter delbono



  • Ben

    Welcome to the future Dave, the future of law firms anyway.
    These law firms have a zillion kids googling the net searching for everything that looks like something in their products.
    Tons of CD letters are sent by the minute from these firms, their mission is not to sue averyone but to scare them so the content is removed.
    Figth Back !

  • charlie

    You’re basically fighting against a computer script

    google “flux capacitor” + “sales” (etc)
    for all hits send dmca takedown

    the dmca is a double edged sword.

    • charlie

      Also the video was great.. you’re nuts.

      • Joeee

        totally agrees on that

  • texane

    really great video 🙂

  • codemuppet

    what do you call 20 lawyers at the bottom of a river?

    A start (b’dum tish)

    Old ones are the best.

  • John Kidd

    Good on you Dave, I liked the episode. I had just been on Zazzle the other day looking for that shirt, guess I now know why it was not there. Good to see you have a good laugh over it all.

    Halifax, Canada

  • Anders

    Rerelease the t-shit as the “Flux Inductor” t-shirt. 😉

    Lund, Sweden

  • tchicago

    Speaking of capacitors. You’ve had a very interesting video entry about capacitors, but did not mention those “supercapacitors” that are somewhere in the middle between the capacitors and rechargeable batteries. Have you had an experience dealing with them? What are their advantages/disadvantages?

  • Slick

    Marty McFly: [Reading the newspaper from 2015] “Within two hours of his arrest, Martin McFly Jr. was tried, convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in the state penetentary.”? Within two hours?

    Doc: The justice system works swiftly in the future now that they’ve abolished all lawyers.

    … Maybe some day.

  • Qno

    Try the “Flux Gate”.

    Its an existing device.
    Should be no problem.

    Or else try the inverse. A Charge Inductor?

  • Evan

    Ha, someone on youtube made a flux capacitor and trying to sell them for $500

  • Simon

    I misread the post title. I thought Dave had decided the flux capacitor was tantalum-based.

    Also, ARGH! 4 or 5 of us at work were planning to get this lovely shirt. Now we’ll need a time machine to obtain them. 🙁

  • Jacob Pind




    Seems to be the only two active trademarks for that name, either of which are nbc

    • Laurent Coustet

      Links are 404

  • Tony Stark

    Hey, the above comments are correct. Go to another company, dont mention specifically back to the future and dont mention ‘flux’ or ‘capacitor’ in the name and you will be good. These guys are just trying to be greedy!

  • Nial


    You want to get someone in Iran to produce the t shirts for you.

    They won’t give a toss about american lawyers!


    On the other hand I think I got one of the last
    ones, don’t produce any more and they’ll be
    worth a fortune when you’re King of Australia.


  • Donrata

    Hi, I

  • Mario

    I can see a series of T-shirts now… (and I didn’t even go near a toilet!)

    Flux resistors!
    Flux inductors!
    Flux memristors!


    …and don’t forget the fluxless ROHS capacitor shirt!


  • Newton

    Welcome to the real… (from The Matrix)

    Once you stick your face out of the basket you can be a target.
    Your store simply does not want to fight because it does not worth for them.. They have plenty of other designs to sell…
    Universal has an entire legal department surfing the net looking for this kind of thing…
    If they copyrighted the NAME Flux Capacitor in the country that your store is hosted and a drawing that resembles yours… you are F….
    It does not need to be an exact match…
    So it is means WAR ! (From Bugs Bunny).. If you want to get serious about selling stuff you better get your own shark.. or layer (the official name).
    And do a copyright check prior to start selling anything…
    Or simply host your store in China. No copyright there.. The issue there is that if your design sells a lot.. They will make their own pirate copies and sell 10x cheaper then you 🙂
    Global economy mate !


  • Adam

    I bet its the people from war video blog.

    There is a reference to a “flux capacitor” even in Malcolm in the middle (season 5 episode 1 – 5 mins in) “considering the 12 million I saved them with my idea for outsourcing flux capacitors.” I don’t see that episode being taken down…. (or any reason why it should be)

  • Sean

    Meh, NBC/Universal is circling the drain anyway. Bring ’em back when the dust settles.

  • Black_Guard_109

    Ah, the evil that is lawyers!

    The idea of copyrights and patents as a way to let smaller companies develop and build on new ideas seems completely lost nowadays. But its really refreshing to see someone give all the big companies misusing these concepts them the finger and tell them to f**k of! 😉

    The patent system is really breaking down, sort of with all these purely patent trolling companies appering that dont even produce products!

    Well, enough ranting about that =) Really nice blog though!

  • Ty

    Gee, you got a takedown notice for just t-shirt of it, while here this auto parts is selling the real thing!


    Too bad they don’t offer online ordering…

  • hilarious 🙂

    i love it when you get your aussie freakouts…keep ’em coming !

  • huh

    The sad part of everything related to lawysrs is that to screw a lawyer you always need another lawyer, so there are no chances to see them going extinct unless some very selective disease is discovered.

    Douglas Adams spotted it wonderfully in HHGTTG: we should build two giant spaceships, fill the first one with politicians, middlemen, lawyers, accountants and bureaucrats because they’re the cream of our society and send it to colonise another distant planet, leaving the second ship for the rest of us.
    Then we simply forget to send the second spaceship.

    BTW, if this is just a naming issue, how about renaming the device Flux Supercapacitor?

  • you think thats bad… what do ya make of these…


  • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems
    as though you relied on the video to make your point. You

    definitely know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting

    videos to your blog when you could be giving us something
    informative to read?

    • Because this is a video blog, not a text blog.

      • Nicolai Czempin

        I think you responded to an automated spammer. The two ones above it are also pretty obvious; they don’t reference any of the actual content. Go Johnny go! (just making sure).

        It looks like you’ve sorted out the issues, I’m off to buy a few of the shirts; I’m just not worthy of buying any of the analog ones 😉

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