The times they are a changing…

Just a quick update on an exciting big change coming to the blog…
(YES, it was an April fools joke! Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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    • Dimlow

      Oh, no, you sold out! No More Independent views, you will be trapped! Plus i enjoyed your slagging off. I fear its going to get boring.

    • huh

      Lol, the first 30 seconds totally had me. I was just about to write a rant about the loss of this great site when I heard the rest and quickly looked at the date.

      • Crap…

        Same here. Well done Dave, chalk up another one…

        The response here should be a sign to content providers that nickel and diming for “exclusive content” only ticks off loyal viewers.

        Strangely if I hadn’t seen the Rigol hack picked up by so many other sites I would have thought it be a prank over this.

        Viva La EEVBlog! and Dave.

    • Mav

      LMAO DIM-low first to fall for it.
      Notice the date ? April the first is April Fools day. Problem is Dave is not a good liar and from other blogs you’d know he’s not the type to sell out.

      Nice try Dave ya Larakin but you aint foolin the Mav 😀

    • Vlad

      Dude, that was MEAN!!!

      • Dimlow

        Yes, i know

    • Evan

      Interesting, but I am not sure I would want to pay for biased reviews, and will Dave have to give up his regular day job?

      • Evan

        f*ck, hook, line, and sinker

    • Robert

      Haha best one today! I had me… LOL 😀

    • fox

      you got me 😀
      on the beginning i thought you lost your mind 🙂
      damn!! that was scary 😀
      please don’t do that any more !!!

      • please don

        • Jan

          That was mean, Dave!

    • Nice one Dave, You had me sucked in for the first half. Whew , That was too close!

    • giomini

      april fool 😀

    • Seb_the_frog

      Don’t sell your sool to the evil fish (not yet)
      But you can sell stickers “tested by Dave”.

    • Charles-Xavier

      LOL, nice

    • Mike

      Got taken twice today, this and someone put a sticky note over the detector under my mouse!

    • spruce

      Nice April joke 🙂

    • Joeee

      Nice try – had me mad for a second…
      Bye bye

    • DeKemp

      You really got me there. I was thinking NOOOO, I hate exclusive contend.

    • jon

      F**ker. I fell for it until I came to the comments.

      I wouldn’t want to play poker with you.

    • Robert

      Here’s a reenactment of my reaction while watching the vid:


    • jon

      Dave, I thought you’d like to see Youtube’s auto-transcribing of one section of your video.

    • Michael Thompson

      This is the only site to “get me” so far today.

      Well done sir.
      Well done.

      (golf clap)

    • peet

      hmm dave,

      nice try 😀 how did you NOT laugh 😀

    • Stefan

      Hey Dave, count another fool. You got me really scared for almost one minute there. Then I peeked at the first comment and it got even scarier. Then you said “I think it’s a winner!” and realized it’s all BS and remembered what day was today. Then I read the other comments. Phew.

      Well done!

    • GOOD APRIL FOOLS!! Until I came to the comments
      I was so desapointed!! because this allready happened to me once with a realy nice 3D design videotutorials site :
      They started a free content site with amazing tutorials on 3DsMax Maya and other cool programs but it seeems Autodesk started to sponsor them and BUM!! Premium Content! You have to pay now!!

      Anyway, Good one!


    • we’ll see how it goes. good luck, i’m here to stay if it continues to interest me. what i’m really afraid of is the “premium content premium payment” words. but hopefully junk/rant content will continue to air.

    • nick

      Nice april fools

    • Ok, nice knowing you Dave. And yes, serious downsides on this.

    • Got it… April Fools!

      I was first thinking that money talks but that didn’t sound like Dave’s style.

      You got me. 🙂

    • Laurent Coustet

      hahaha 😀

    • Qno

      Well done Dave, you had me for a while.

      I was even thinking about what big name it would be.
      Until I read the comments.

      It would be a really big joke if Rigol would ask you to host a show where you show how to hack they’re 50 MHz scope into a 1 GHz version with 2 paper clips and a cooked potato.

    • SH!T

      What the helx2 are you doing!

      You should have asked your viewers first!

      I for one will not pay one red cent to be a viewer. I bought 2 of your shirts and would have loved to bought more EEVblog merchandise if you had it. But I will never pay for the right to view anything online EVER!

      I think whoever they are, let me guess Agilent, conned you into this deal because its just pennies to them and they now get to take down your old reviews and control you from here on.

      Mark my words, once your audience dissipates and you’re effectively silenced in a year or less they will get a big fat lawyer to slap you with something and cut up your contract.

      Good By DAVE! you WERE great.


      • Oooo! I think I should win the biggest fool award for the day!

        You had me so mad I tossed out a rant replay before even looking at any of the others who had you figured out.

        That was the best April fools day trick of my LIVE! I have never been sucked in so hard and gotten so mad in all my life!

        Well done, that was fun, do it again… if you can. You need to be in Hollywood.


    • Ramzi

      I think some people got this all wrong, I think this is not a joke. but as some comments we hate exclusive contents and I think this will decrease the views of the blog. in the other hand its good for you dave to have some like “part time job” in something you really like (in electronics), and also the blog with funding and alot of support will be more intersting and full of informations, so it will not gonna be a bad idea, im 100% with you dave, and keep the good work. Thanks


    • PLJack


      April 1st, 2010 at 23:18
      > please don

      • Ramzi

        whoops, so I’ve got fooled.

        Nice one Dave.


    • Embedded

      Not quite “The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest” (19570401 BBC) but a really straight face.

      Dave, Maybe you should be selling Scopes!

    • Your RSS feed doesn’t work with my browser chrome? is it your site?

      • GuShH

        It’s because you’re blond.

    • Ryan A.F

      Dave ya Bastad

    • John Kidd

      Wow, I completely fell for it Dave. I was so shocked watching your “times are changing” that I had completely forgotten the date. Good one.

      I am very happly to find you are still out there.

      Anyways cheers Dave for fooling me and several others. Good one!

      John Kidd
      Halifax, Nova Scotia

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