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    EEVblog #1040 – Caesium Beam Frequency Standards

    A look at the Caesium beam time and frequency standards at the Keysight standards lab ...

    • GuShH

      I agree, YouTube became much worse. They’re doing it to hit black on their accounts, I think they’re going to stay red if they keep the crap up.

      In theory I think YouTube users would be more interested on introductory topics, but maybe that’s just generalizing too much, since everyone goes to YouTube… However if you were to split contents you would get those in YouTube interested in eevblog.com and vice versa.

      On a side note, I don’t think you can promote your own ads, ie. you can’t ask people to click on them, as per the contract you agreed upon with Google, etc.

      Get your beers out, for another year of construction and destruction of hardware! *cheers*

    • Auggie

      YouTube has made some bull shit modifications to their website its not as smooth as it use to be which wasn’t so smooth to begin with…..
      Keep up the good work Dave!!

    • BillyG

      I think the blog is kind of lame, probably about time to just give up on it already. The videos of David in the car are f’n awful. Every now and then David actually teaches something useful about electronics, but other than that rare video where he’s explaining stuff and going over the math, it’s just a bunch of lame yap.

      Hey, lemme guess, the next vblog is going to be a meter review. *groan* *rolls eyes*

      • Sorry I can’t please everyone!
        BTW, the blog was never supposed to be about actually teaching electronics theory, and if it was just that I’m sure there would be people complaining I’m just doing lame tutorials!


    • Ok. You know after I posted the comment I realized that it was in fact the 1st of April. It really didn’t gel in until I hit the local supermarket and it was mobbed (Benefits cards get re-filled on the 1st).

    • K

      Hey Billy – if you don’t like it, nobody’s forcing you to watch!

      Keep on, Dave… love the blog, love the vids, love the rants.

      Good luck for another year!

    • Blog’s awesome and unique. I watch all of it. Keep it up and I think the blog will attract the right kind of people in due time as it has been.

      Just make sure that when you get more viewers you keep a small failover server. As you mentioned in your blog, you will eventually need to switch to a hosting package which can facilitate the increased load. I dont know your site’s statistics but assuming the majority of your viewers are in the USA, I suggest ThePlanet, they have some good deals.

      Stay Frosty,

    • dogbert

      dave, please stop talking about yourself in the third person – this makes you sound like a douche.
      also, you have become somewhat too redundant in your videos.. there is some nice stuff here and I do appreciate your efforts, but the quality of your latest videos has not been up to the standard of the earlier ones.

    • PK

      Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog. So far I have collected all your episodes from day one. I originally found your blog site from the aus electronics news group. Keep up the good work…
      Cheers, PK.

    • Hengwei

      I hope eevblog has prospered.
      I wish you every success, Dave.
      Happy birthday to Dave’s eevblog!

    • Dave,

      EEVblog is my most visited website these days!!!

      Rest assured, your enthusiasm is contagious. Keep it up mate!

      Thanks for being an inspiration to us all and for helping to keep Electronic Engineering alive :). Heck, I’ve even used you blog to improve ESD education at work!

      All the best,

    • Tom

      Hi Dave,

      I have subscribed to your RSS feed, but since I have a HDTV, I visit your website, follow the ‘View on YouTube’ link, copy-past the URL to a HD YouTube downloader, and can finally view your HD blog off-line.

      It would be nicer if I could download the HD format directly, but that would cost significant amount of bandwitdth.

      Another option, used by one of my other favorite video blogs, is making a torrent availible.
      I made this one availible (as example) at http://tls.xs4all.nl/~tom/EEVblog71.torrent

      It would be great if you would make a HD torrent availible for every blog.

      Also, it would be great if you could make an mp3 file availible for the drivetime blogs, so I can listen to it in my car.

      • Yes, the average HD blog is 200MB+ in size, so not really something everyone wants to download I suspect.
        It would also mean I have to upload the HD version twice, once to YouTube, and once to my server (my uploads count toward my quota 🙁 ).
        The torrent thing sounds like an OK idea, can you point to that video blog so I can see how they have implemented it?
        I’ll have to do the MP3 thing though, that’s an easy one.


        • Tom

          The blog is part of a Dutch computer hardware site.

          The bandwidth thing was more concerning your server bandwidth, the torrent downloaders can’t download it from youtube so you still have to upload it at least twice.

          In the Netherlands, almost all ISP’s have abandoned bandwidth limits but server bandwidth is still an issue, so I guess that’s why they chose to offer torrents.

          But if uploading 200MB is an issue for you, I think creating torrents and uploading it at least to a couple of users to get things going is not an option. I’ll keep using the youtube downloader.

      • XynxNet

        If you use Firefox, try the “Easy YouTube Video Downloader”-Addon. Unfortunatly you still have to follow the

        • Tom

          That works great, thank you!

    • Robert

      Hi Dave, love the blog and have been watching from day one! Congrats! 🙂

    • Brian Hoskins

      Keep a pair of chopsticks handy for that annoying housefly 🙂

      Happy Birthday EEV Blog, good luck for the next year!


    • Joe Fenech

      Good job Dave! I do enjoy your vblogs. You have a good mix of current technology, basic theory, and practical application. This is what keeps me coming back (via RSS feed). Your honesty and readiness to rant is welcome whether I agree or not. I also appreciate your tie in’s to working as an engineer. It is a good mix. The drive time vblogs are good also. The “what ever is on my mind” theme works. It gets a little boring here and there, but seeing Sydney in the background entertains me enough until you move on. If I had to make an requests, I would encourage you to feature new test equipment and obscure circuits that have practical uses.

      Keep up the good work.


    • Congrats on your first year! If you are taking suggestions for new content, I would like to see more about the design steps and component choices that are involved in some of the complex projects that you have worked on (or are working on). The underwater sensor array that you described on a previous video for example was fantastic.

      Keep up the great work.


    • Eric D

      Hi Dave,

      Congratulations on a year. I started watching about 6 months ago when I got an email with a link to a meter review. I like the diversity of topics and your straightforward approach.
      Keep up the good work



    • brims

      Congrats on 1 year. I’ve been watching for 5-6 months after I started looking at a Rigol scope and saw your review on it, then I watched all the other videos.

      I enjoy most of the different subjects you talk about, some I don’t understand but it’s still interesting to learn something about them.

      It’s also nice to see that you can get a piece of equipment and tell us straight up that it’s a pile of shit or that it’s great, that’s one of the best things about you and your videos.

    • L

      I love the blog, Dave. You deserve every ounce of success you get.

      EEVblog foreva!

    • edward

      Dave – what about Facebook?

      Leveraging FB would probably help your cause further, and you don’t need to abandon your existing portals. I have a lot of geek friends on facebook and the viral aspect there would get you more attention.

      • I have an eevblog facebook page, but don’t really do anything with it.
        Are you suggesting I should post videos on facebook as well?

    • edward

      You could embed videos there, but instead I’d set up a “fan club” that people can subscrive to. Facebook just bumped Google as the most visited site.

      What this would do for us Facebook addicts (we check out facebook page many times per day) is a way to tie into your updates. This enables us to then, share our interaction with you with our Friends, driving more interest to your sites. It’s free marketing to all the friends of your subscribers. The power of social networking.

      For example, when I “become a Fan of EEVBlog” on FB, all my friends hear about it. If I make a comment on your FB page, all my friends see the interaction. It enables your members own buzz to spread around their friends, driving more traffic to you.

      You don’t need to (nor would I suggest) that it becomes the primary blog point/portal, but it’s an attention getter and it also brings your members/fans together in ways your blog can’t.

      I’s embed a few teaser vidoes on your FB page to give passer throughs a taste of what it’s about though.

    • Chino

      I joined when i first saw your stuff on ESD precautions. I was instantly hooked and then went back and watched all the video’s from the beginning!

      I Deff fall into the category who likes all your video’s regardless of their content although of course the EE stuff is the best.

      It really was awesome when you took that fluke meter canyoning!

      Keep up the good work

    • Don t know how exactly i got in here but i m really glad i ve found it. Neaah… i m starting to believe google is begining to read my mind 🙂 Nice build!

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