• EEVblog #74 – Video Blogging Tools

    Another drive time rant about the tools I use for video blogging, video formats etc.
    No electronics content, so if you don’t like that then don’t watch.

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      • PhilB

        Hey Dave, Great insight into the ‘gauntlet’ that you and many other great youtubers have to endure. It’s really a major effort, and I’m sure all your viewers appreciate the effort that you take. I might just have to watch this one again though as I think your mobile was acking away in the background and I was back & forth thinking it was mine on the charger :-)
        Good to hear you mention Handbrake also. Excellent program!
        I found Linux was good with? Handbrake etc. but probably best not go there..

      • George Graves

        I feel your pain Dave – I’m a video editor. You’re doing a very good job with what you have to work with and time constraints.

        I did have to LOL at your exclamation about HUGE 2-3 gig files.

        I would like to see you get a better shotgun. Sennheiser ME-66 on a mic stand just out of frame will sound amazing. You’ll need a box to convert from XRL to mini jack your camera will accept. If you are looking for a lav, look at countryman.

        Glad to help if you have any questions.

        george graves at g mail dot com

      • http://www.cirictech.com ciric tech

        Thank you for all the time you put in I really enjoy each episode, especially the ones where you talk about the design process for some of you projects.

      • James


        Thanks for your informative articles. they’ve been enjoyable to watch.

        Have you thought about using different editing suites? I’ve been using Avid (Pinnacle) Liquid for 3 years, in combination with a MP4 Camcorder, and it natively imports the files without delay, and exports in a reasonably timely manner. Unfortunately Liquid is EOL, but this doesn’t stop it from being a great product, and Avid are offering upgrade paths to their more professional packages.

        I’m a final year electronic and computer systems engineering student and I’d love to hear your perspective on the current ‘shape’ on the electronics industry in Australia. Are we better off heading overseas for experience?


        • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

          I tried a few editing packages when I transitioned to HD, but they all had the same jerky problems. Forgot to try Pinacle which I tried many years ago and liked how it worked but found it buggy. Will try the new Studio HD version. The problem is the learning curve though, I’ve spent years using Ulead VideoStudio.

      • Roel

        Thank you for publishing this and the last one as a MP3. Listened to your drive by rant in my car yesterday :) It’s fun to hear how hard it is to put a blog online. Thanks for your hard work behind the scenes!

        A bit related, they shot the final episode of House on a Canon dslr.. http://gizmodo.com/5515991/house-season-finale-shot-entirely-on-a-canon-5d-mark-ii ..

      • PLJack

        Hi Dave. Love the blog.

        I feel your copyright pain. I spent a few weeks trying to find music that was royalty free.

        I’ll point you to my solution.
        His name is Vince Webb. He recently did some music for an app I just released.

        Very reasonable and a great guy.
        I’m sure you two could work something out.
        Tell him Jack sent you.
        Reach him at vincewebb.com


        • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

          Thanks for the link.
          Incompetech also make some awesome royalty free music:
          and it’s even allowed to be used by YouTube partners, and is even used in Youtubes own partner example of acceptable music.
          So finding it is not the hard part, but if you include ANY music or content that is not your own work, then you have to explain to Youtube how you have the rights to use, and you have to do that repeatedly for every video you upload, it’s really annoying.
          I’ve gotten the third degree before by Youtube for using this royalty free music, but maybe I just got the work experience kid at youtube…

      • http://www.soasystem.com shafri

        i know how hard it is to create a movie/video, not to mention fine tuning the format to be compatible with net and uploading it. i’m a partime videographer myself. i used to play with “many” of GBytes with a single editing projects. Thats why i really appreciate with what Dave has committed to.

        but, now.. i’m starting to see that more video are relating to other thing than EE. salesmen, marketing, videoblogging etc. i dont hurt with drivetime rant, but when more non EE thing is inserted, i think that will wander off the main focus here.

        sure there are zillions of videographing and equipments out there to be googled for who are interested. but here i think is the wrong place.

        i just try to make a constructive critic here. if anyone hurt, i’m sorry.