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    EEVblog #1056 – Digilent Open Scope MZ Review

    Dave looks at the Digilent Open Scope MZ Review, an $89 open source oscilloscope, logic ...

    • Prad

      Sorry Dave.

    • Roland

      Dave, don’t care, I like your blog, I like opinion, I have mine but I want to know what others think about certain aspects of a specific device or a class of devices.

      If those users who complain would make something like this I can guarantee that they would also be catched at some instances with their “pants down”, it’s unavoidable if you do it in this style.

      I like your blog, it’s excellent! Thumbs up! Bingo!

      An avid watcher from Germany.

    • Q

      The spontaneous style of your blog is what makes 90% if its charme. If I liked scripted things, i’d go hear a lecture …

      I wish you didnt put that much effort into justifying what you do, but give us more information on electronics. We’re here to learn about / from your circuit design experience!

      I can understand that filming the blog in your car saves u a lot of time that u dont have, and indstead of filming NO blog, we get a driving blog, but i think i speak for a lot of viewers that we love it when u get your whiteboard out, or do an example measurement on one of your nice instruments.

      Keep up the good work!
      -Another German viewer here! Thumbs up! 😉

      • “I wish you didnt put that much effort into justifying what you do,”

        I couldn’t agree more. Of late, at least in the drive-time rants, Dave has been constantly mentioning that his blog is off the cuff and has no planning. I may be wrong but in one he says this fact over and over.

        Dave, you’re doing well.

    • Steve

      Good blog. I’m pushing 50 and have been a tech junky my entire life. Do to a long story, I ended up in IT instead of my planned EE. I’m finally venturing back as a hobbyist. I’ve been on the net since before most people new it existed. This is the only blog I have ever followed and I enjoy your technical expertise as well as your opinions( which I take as ‘opinions’ ) I even enjoy the drive time rants which tend to be spot on.

    • fox

      i really liked your multimeter guide.. dont worry about those dick heads 🙂
      i really dont understand that. if i would like to know all details of the all multimeters i would read a data sheet.
      but since i have no bloody clue what 90% of those numbers and weird marks are. your description/explanation/guide was PERFECT. i dont need to know more.
      and if i need to know more, than i have to know more about electronics in general. and since i know more about electronics i would know also about meters.

      dont worry about those idiots. just flag them as spam. who give fuck..

      THUMBS UP !!!!!!

    • Lucas

      Man, just one thing… congratulations, don bother with negative opinions, keep in mind the there is a lot of people that really enjoy what you are doing!
      Keep up the great work!

    • Dave

      Dave! You’re blog is great. I find it enjoyable and informative. Ignore the critics!

      • Dave

        lol… typo, You’re->YOUR

    • Chris (USA)

      There will always be people that like to argue and will find anything they can to argue about.

      There will always be people that think they are smarter and look for that 1 thing out of 100 that they think they know more about to try and prove it.

      There will always be people that put down everything because they didn’t think of it themselves.

      There will always be people that just take everything too seriously.

      “Deek Heads” All of them. Just ignore them.

    • Embedded

      Please do your self a favour and turn off the cellphone during the drive rant. The dit dah dit dah dit dit dah dah dit is the GSM cellphone control channel talking to the network getting into the audio of the mic.

      Our AT&T service guy does exactly the same and it gets into our PA system every time.

      Regards John

    • Mav

      I think peeps may be missing the point of the rant. I may be wrong but I think Dave is referring to being spammed with BS E-mails

      “Bottom line

      • Ray Jones



        And let’s hope he is not getting emails on this blog.

        That would simply prove the dick headedness of some.

      • @Mav
        Spot on. I have no problem at all people taking me to task about anything, just don’t send me a personal email and expect a personal reply debating you in private.
        Most are quite genuine and trying to help, so I feel quite guilty if I get a long personal email and don’t spend time replying. But if I get 10 of those a day, it becomes very tiresome indeed.
        And if it’s all private email it adds no community value, so put it all in the comments section for the benefit of all please! I do read almost all of the comments.


    • Michael Thompson

      Hang in there, Dave.

      You constantly rock and consistently roll.

    • As you’ve said before, you certainly can’t please everybody!

      As a side question, did you fix the exposure of the camera this time? As you were usually always exposed well but the outside world was white as anything!

      Keep up the good work :).

      Shaun Clarke

      • @Shaun
        Yeah, fixed exposure this time, but it turned out to be way too high. Was hard to see that at the time, looked ok at the start when I set it.

    • RyanE

      A *very* insignificant complaint…

      Personally, I like to watch the scenery zoom by as you drive, and this podcast the contrast was turned up so much that I couldn’t see anything out your window.

      Everything else is schmick! (gotta love vocab learned from the podcast)!

    • Chic

      No script, no fear, all opinion…

      no worries!

    • Dave:

      I love your blog, but… were you driving on the surface of the sun or something?

      Keep up the fantastic work.

    • freddy

      Thanks to Dave, I now have the passion for ee and bought a Fluke 28 II from ebay at a huge discount.

      Love the Blog.

    • HiDave,
      I really enjoy your blogs,I think your a brilliant instructor, keep up the good work, Thank you. Cyril (UK)

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