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    • Thanks for figuring this out!
      Another interesting route: set model and serial to DS1052E, upgrade to 2.4, set model and serial to DS1102E -> model doesn’t seem to stick, but perhaps the sticking serial is enough?
      I only have problems measuring the increased bandwidth:
      Don’t know where to get hold of signals with a fast enough rise time…
      btw, 2.4 seems to increase the measurement screen update rate by quite a lot. Do you mind sending it to me?

    • Doug

      Re: EEVblog #77

    • Hey Dave,

      Is there a Software hack for any of the other Rigol Scopes yet, any chance they are the same at 200MHz?

    • Karl

      I guess the 00.02.02 SP2 firmware file willb e in great demand once Rigol starts shipping 02.04 exclusively.

    • Jan Schmidt

      It doesn’t even say “Updata succeeded”, but “Updata successed”. More distinctive than the “Made in China” manufacturing mark.

    • Alex

      Today I’ve received my DS1052E with 2.04. Downgraded to 2.02 (downloaded from some forum), performed the hack using USB demo, worked like a charm. Now I’ve upgraded to 2.04 and it is still there.
      Just to confirm that it works on the latest shipped models, too.

      • it

        Can you share the links for these firmwares?

      • Ed

        Where can I download the english Rigol 2.02 SP2 firmware updgrade? I downloaded this version from the Rigol site and it changed my scope to Chinese on all the menus. Thank You.

        • Michael

          When you update the fermware the scope set to factory defol. You can just change the language in utility’s

    • polossatik

      another one with rigol on order, so I assume I’ll get it with the new FW. got the old FW from above RCgroups link. Would be nice if someone could post the latest FW or a guide on how to dump it before going back…

    • megahustler

      I just bought a DS1052E on Batronix (progshop.com) and it came with 2.02 SP2 firmware. They have a

    • Bill

      YEAH BABY!!!! Worked like a CHARM.
      Ordered from Dealx…, came with 2.04, downgded. to 2.02, did model/serial change, upgraded back to 2.04… WORKED LIKE A DREAM.
      Just TAKE YOUR TIME!!!! Typing errors will brick it!!!
      Try using hyperterminal and sending a few normal commands, just to get used to it, THEN do the upgrade!
      Thank YOU Dave for your GREAT instructions!!!
      The scope is BEAUTIFUL and works GREAT. Rigol took there time in designing a great piece of equipment for such a low price!!!
      I am using it to AUGMENT my Tek 7834 400 Mhz storage scope (analog), but I will be using the Rigol for almost everything. ~8 lbs. beats ~ 40 lbs. anyday!!!

    • trb

      I just received my DS1052E from Saelig.com.
      They have a very low sale price (Last
      December prices). Included a soft carrying case.

      It came with 2.04. When downgrading,
      do I use the “2.02 update” that’s
      in a forum? Also there is a
      “2.01 update” in the forum, does that work for
      a downgrade?


    • dentrix

      For downgrading befor the Hack I do need 02.01.01 FW and then again back to my 02.04. FW.
      Where do I get this two FW ?
      The official rigol download does not work.
      The blogs are said not to be save !
      Thanks, David !

      • Meiner

        Be aware!!

        think I just kilkled my DS1052E (came with 2.04) by downgrading to 2.01 !!

        No response on serial and USB ports!!
        Just white screen and fan running…

        Any suggestions how to get it on again?


    • polossatik

      See this forum post for a step by step guide using USB

    • Darkman1969

      Does anyone know of anyone selling this DSO in Sydney?


      • Emona

        But if you think you will get it for the same price as overseas, think again.

    • IB

      Where can I get the 2.02 firmware?

    • ewertz

      At least in North America, Rigol just kicked-down the price and beat it with a vuvuzela to $399, as a “special promo price”.

    • noname

      Damn… I seem to have bricked my scope while performing the firmware downgrade… When I restart the scope it does not boot up but one can see that the lcd is turned on but there is no image…

      Any tips can I somehow trigger a reflash from this state?

      I have access to the necessary equipment to desolder and reflash most types of memories in a programmer .. but i rather not if there is any other way…

      • Bummer.
        No idea how to fix it, sorry.
        You should ask in the EEVblog forum, similar things have happened to a couple of users, maybe one has an answer.

    • z802009

      To the poster about Rigol suppliers in Sydney, email this Ebay seller:

      I just did the hack on mine, and couldn’t be happier! I couldn’t find a serial cable handy so I did the USB hack, it was amazingly easy, and as you would at least want to try using the scope hooked up to a PC anyway I’d probably recommend the USB way to hack it as most beginners would be more comfortable that way I’m sure!

    • ntrace

      I just found out how to get more detailed info about the full firmware version just from the screen without any tools.
      Go to the Utility->System Info and then press CH1 button twice, CH2 button twice and MATH button once.


      • Bill


        DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Bill

          Just an update to the CH1/CH1/CH2/CH2/MATH.
          I was able to reflash the 0202 fw using usb and the updater that Shafri posted in “changing the rigol DS1052E to DS1102E using USB , the dummy guide” on page 12. I was also able to “upgrade” to the 100 mhz version using this wonderful tool, and restore my complete serial number.
          The old serial number was nothing even close, and there was a string of garbage characters across the screen where the model number should have been.
          BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!

    • Bill

      Another update….
      I tried to ch1/ch1….. test and the only thing that has been trashed now is the “hardversion” is garbage numbers…. oh well…

    • Bill

      OOOOOOOOO made a BIG mistake… forum member DRIEG actually created the wonderful utility.
      He is also very willing to help when you brick it as well!!!

    • I just got a new Rigol DS1052E, with firmware 2.05 SP2. I tried to downgrade the firmware to 2.02 SP2, but the scope wouldn’t offer to install it when I plugged in the USB stick. Then I tried to downgrade to 2.04 from the Rigol website, but that didn’t work either. Has anybody figured out how to do the hack with version 2.05 SP2 ?

      If not, I’ll have to do the hardware hack instead.

      • Go to the EEVblog forum where there is a massive maintained thread on hacking the Rigol.

      • vaton

        The same problem.

        Unfortunately all hack HOWTOs end up with v02.05.01, while actually sold scopes
        are filled with HW=58 and SW=

        As far as I understand, all we need
        is the modified v2.02.02 wich will convince
        the actual software it is newer version,
        so it will allow “upgrade”.

        Would somebody explain how he did this for previous firmware versions?

        • Samuel

          Hello.. can you post a step by step guide about how to hack scopes with software?

    • bob

      Watch out.

      There is a defective firmware out there:


    • chris swain

      Can some one send me the old 2.02 firware as its no longer availible from rigol

    • Roni

      The Owon PDS5022S looks very similar to the Owon PDS7102T. I wonder if the same Hack concept can be applied to the Owon scopes?

    • Mike M

      Just in case anyone is interested, I was able to hack my 2.05 scope via a Mac OSX terminal program. I had to downgrade the Rigol to 2.02 first, and then basically did the hack. Later I upgraded to 2.04. Worked like a charm.

      • jon

        Yeah! Tell me how you did your hack with OSX.

    • Dev

      as this post is about 4 years old.. does this still work with the newer versions? Can you still downgraded the firmware to hack it?

    • Tristan Pauwels

      Waarom your vijf

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