• EEVblog #82 – 10th Anniversary of GPS & Geocaching thanks to Bill Clinton

    On May 1st 2000 Bill Clinton turned off Selective Availability on the GPS system and commercial GPS as we know and appreciate it now was born. A truly red letter day.
    On May 3rd 2000 Dave Ulmer placed the 1st Geocache or “Geo Stash” and Geocaching was born. Tupperware was never the same again.

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      • Mav

        Geocache sorry Dave even I am not that much of a nerd and I built my first ZX80 ;lol
        Muggle ?? Harry Potter hit Australia hard too oh dear ; lol

        Get back to electronics ya larakin 🙂
        Some advice on how to prevent signal undershoot between a pic and a T6963c controller wouldn’t have gone a miss.

        Bury a million dollars then send me the co,ords and i might then give it a go , but only under duress

      • What about an introduction to how GPS works?

      • James

        Blow as hard as you want Dave, you’re dead wrong on the pronunciation of ‘cache’

        As a Canadian I feel duty bound to inform my Commonwealth cousins when they’re butchering a Canadian word: It’s cache [cash], from the French cacher [cash-air | cash-ay] ‘to conceal’, for a hiding place for provisions.

      • chris

        The youtube preview-picture is hilarious 😉

        • Ty

          Yeah, looks like Robert De Niro is guest hosting 😉

      • In its current standing depending upon receiver GPS is accurate down to 3 to 5 meters.

        And we won’t get into the differences between U.S. English and Australian English.

      • BillyG

        Another useless video. Didn’t learn shit from this one. It sucks Dave. This place has really gone down hill.

        • shafri

          this is a example of a STUPID MORON in the net society!

        • shafri

          of course you didnt learn a shit. because you are a shit yourself!

        • Not every video is supposed to teach something. It’s a blog, so you get general rants and comment like this occasionally. How about you show us educational video content YOU have created?

      • spencer

        Hey, Yank here. I seem to remember from American history class, fur trappers keeping their loot in “cashes” buried in the ground.
        Geo “cashing” seems to make sense to me. I’ve never heard of “geocation”, lets see if it catches on.

        “The thing I hate the most are haters.”

      • Anthony H.


        Of course yahoo is an american run company so it might be prejudiced.

        At the end of the day the way a word is pronounced is determined by the person who coined it, and well cache is a very old word so we cant ask the dude that first used it.



        This one is a bit funny…

        • troll

          Alright mate, put some shrimp on the barbie 😉

      • AskJacob

        One of the more generous gifts to the world was the removal of Selective Availability. Always glad to see genuine the peace time spinoffs of military equipment out there!

        Please note: SA can still be turned on, and the threat to use it is ever present (say, during a major incident). Always remember GPS is a supplementary locational data set, not the sole!

        Anyone remember prior to SA being switched off the crazy stuff that existed to improve accuracy? I remember seeing mappers walking about with 2 or 3 antennas (one on the pack, one on a “wand” and sometimes an additional one on a tripod)and a backpack full of what must have been state of the art processing gear…

        Now to a sub $100 unit with a full colour moving display, and potentially all the roads of the world on it!


      • me

        Yo just started my interest in geocaching!


      • Grapsus

        I didn’t know there could be so many caches near my house in France ! I’ll try geocaching soon 😀

      • Mav

        “Please note: SA can still be turned on, and the threat to use it is ever present”

        True but Galileo is still on the go (Europeans GPS) and the Russians are putting up more satellites for Glosnas (Russian GPS)and i’m sure future receivers will support all three to give great accuracy and a fall back if SA is ever turned back on.

        As Galileo and Glosnas are independent systems I doub’t they will ever bother turning SA back on ,, there won’t be much point. Galileo infact (when it properly comes online) is designed to be far more accurate than the NavStar system (American GPS)which is lets face it getting a bit old (1995 full operation).

        We will see

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