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    Just a quick poll to gauge the electronics knowledge and industry experience of the EEVblog audience. This is important for the blog and potential industry support.
    1 question, 10 options, easy peasy, thanks!


    See the responses HERE

    UPDATE: The previous SurveyMonkey forum spat the dummy at 100 responses, so I’ve had to re-run this to avoid potentially skewed data. So if everyone could re-enter again that would be great, thanks!

    Previous RESULTS
    Thanks to all those who answered.

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      • Poll seems to not be working when actually taking the poll survey…

      • Dan

        Survey worked fine for me.

        Could you post the results of the poll when you are done? I am interested too.

        • Yep, will do. Shame it doesn’t show the results after you vote. I had no end of trouble setting up my own server based poll, so had to use this free web based one.

      • Jan

        you can make very easy polls with google docs. just create a form. unlimited results.

      • jaspel

        What about electronic techs?

        • I make no differentiation between techs and engineers. It’s really about electronics industry experience for this one.

      • My coworker wrote this free polling site. I have used it and its real nice.

        Just create your poll and embed the script on your site.

      • 100 samples is pretty useless, IMO. Proper results could be obtained using google docs, as Jan suggested, and keeping the poll active for at least a couple of days.

        Current results may be skewed, as students and such may be quicker to respond than busy professionals.

      • Polljunkie.com is the best solution for this type of simple polling. It will run right in Dave’s blog, it’s super easy to insert and use and you can see the results right on the blog page. It keeps a cookie or something so you know you have already voted. Great tool!

        The guy who wrote Polljunkie sits right beside me so if there is any issues I can get detailed answers fast! But I don’t think there will be any issues, I never have any problems using it. Light weight and supper simple.

        • Thanks, done!
          If everyone could do the survey again then that would be great. Thanks.

      • John W.

        Hey, there’s no option for Electronics Technicians like me 🙁

        • John W.

          Whoops, guess that’s been addressed already.

      • tchicago

        The choices are not mutually exclusive. I’m:

        Professional or student in another field, but active interest in electronics (SW engineer)

        Advanced electronics hobbyist

        Graduate – to 1 years experience (yes, EE+CS graduate with a combined total of at least 1 year of pure EE experience)

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