• EEVblog #89 – EEVblog Live Screwup

    The first Live EEVblog event – unedited. Dave short circuits his wife’s laptop and cuts the feed, proving that anything can happen live.
    The audio sync is not the best, sorry, minor file conversion issues. And the last bit is supposed to be crap quality video that freezes due to the crap wireless connection. It’ll be better next time, this one was only a trial.
    Sorry, no overlayed chat, it was too hard to sync the raw text with the video. The video grab got lost in the laptop confusion.

    Not much to see on the video, so an audio only version is also available.

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      • Just dry it out. Had a work laptop that got wet one time. Was walking to the train station with the machine in my backpack. A torrential downpour started and the laptop got wet.

        Wouldn’t boot at all for a week or so. Dropped the battery and the CMOS battery. Popped batteries in and it booted!

        And yeah – people aren’t so much concerned about the machine but the data.

      • Craig Overend

        FWIW, some laptops when in power saving mode put the camera into a lower frame rate.

      • Curtisbeef

        Hehe don’t get discouraged I think we all have ruined quite a few things with a tall glass of water.

        I was on vacation this weekend so I didn’t get to join the live chat, but ill be on for sure next time 🙂

        You ever think about using a IRC chat for the live chat? Or even just having a eevblog IRC chat room for people to hang out in…

        • You can connect to any ustream channel via IRC.
          Just connect to chat01.ustream.tv (port 6667). The channel is the name of the channel on ustream (#eevblog for Daves’ ustream channel). You need to authenticate with the same username and password that you’ve used to create your ustream account.

          Great show, Dave. I really liked the live aspect of it, being able to just ask questions and get them answered. Looking forward to the next episode.

          Oh, if anyone is interested… I’ve logged the entire chat to file (quite a lot of spam in it, don’t know if it’ll be of use). Get it here: http://digi-online.net/dump/eevblog_live_1.txt

          You might want to scroll down to 00:01:18. This is where Dave started streaming. The chat went berserk after that. 🙂
          00:13:37 is when the laptop has stopped working.

      • Tom

        Great first live show, was good laugh and nice to see lots of peoples questions answered.
        Looking forward to the next! Keep up the good work.

      • Michael Thompson

        Good times.

        Good times.

      • chris

        What’s about your wife’s notebook?

      • webkraller

        Hahaha I got a good laugh out of that live spill. I hope the lappy and data gets better!

      • me

        Great show! Very entertaining with all the screwups 😀

      • Brian Hoskins

        Hi Dave!

        I tried to catch the live show but it was quite late for me and I had a busy day lined up for the next day. I wasn’t sure if you were going to make it back on so I had to bug out. Shame!

        I thought the show worked though, it was pretty good. The second webcam had a much better frame rate, the other one was crap.

        Maybe you should consider doing themes for the live shows though? I’m not sure the random questions would work as a long term thing. It was okay for the first one but I’m not sure how well it would work going forwards.
        How would a themed live show work? Hmmm yeah, good question. I dunno, it needs some thought I think.

        Overall I definitely prefer the edited regular blogs, but a live show every now and then just to mix things up a bit… yeah I’d be in favour of that.

        Keep up the blog.


      • Sean

        Looks like the Evil Demo Demon got loose. You can always count on it to unleash its presence at the most annoying times, especially during the first time you give a demonstration. And money and power mean nothing to it, remember Bill Gates famous blue screen.

        Being as I’m the official help desk, trouble shooter, chief bottle washer and jack of all trades in our company, I can tell you from experience. Water Spillages with laptops, shut it down immediately. Shake the water out and let it dry. The fan usually is running and draws liquid to the furthest depths of its innards. Soft drinks are another matter, especially around moving parts.

        The worst I had to deal with was one of our users spilling a 24oz soft drink which headed in a tidal wave into all the air intakes available. It black screened and toasted the motherboard. Sad as it had been in operation for only two weeks. Dell charged us for motherboard replacement. People got informed that soft drinks were verboten around laptops by the boss. 4 years later I had to open it up for surgery. There’s still sticky stuff everywhere.

      • RyanE

        I managed to spill a glass of water and ice on my laptop 2 hours before a demo in Las Vegas a couple of years ago.

        Dried it out, tried to use it, the keyboard kept inserting spurious characters while I typed.

        Not fun. Ended up having to use a co-worker’s laptop for my demo.

      • Obrian

        Great to jump back in time and see your first shot at this. You’ve come so far! Looking forward to what you’ve got going 4 years from now in 2018!

        Cheers from London!

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