• OT: Geocaching Presentation

    Off-Topic, but I know some people might be interested.
    A presentation I gave on the weekend about the early days of Geocaching.
    Warning – 50 minutes of random waffle!

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      • ZeroVoltage

        Thanks for sharing this, it was an interesting history and evolution.

        My senior design project was actually creating a handheld device that would give approximate distance and angle to an RFID card hidden inside of a cache. In researching I learned a bit about the basics of geo-caching but had no idea it went as far as the Get Smart one you mentioned.

      • stephen

        you should geo-cache one of the meters you love to abuse and have cache finders try to destroy it and film the result and up load it to you for all to see

      • Dylan Cupedo

        Little off-topic but for some reason my EEVBlog subscription in youtube got removed, re-subscribed though.
        On-topic: I’d love the hear more about that MacGyver cache!

      • Tom

        Great video, looked into geocaching a while ago but didn’t have a gps, downloaded an app for the iphone and I’m going to give it a go!
        The MacGyver one sounds like it was intense, shame there aren’t more like it now.

      • djsb

        Just looked at geocaching in London on geocaching.com and there are 222 pages on the search page.
        Is a mobile phone with GPS ok to start with and where can I find a glossary of terms used?


        • Yes, a mobile phone with GPS should be fine. No idea about terms, on GC.com surely? Google?

      • ScottE

        I had no idea that anybody did interactive games with geocaching.
        I have played Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) which do puzzle solving and interaction and having to be in an area to find clues and/ or interact with someone. A game called “I love bees” you had to be at a pay phone at specific time and location to get information about how to play the game. The phone locations we across all of the United States. I was a very fun game especially when you answered the phone and you had live interaction with a game character.

      • John Dowdell

        lol “she was packing lumpies”.
        I wasn’t sure what direction that video was going to take but i ended up watching the whole thing. I’ve heard MindSocket talk about geocaching a couple of times but i hadn’t heard about these elaborate ones. Sounds fun.
        I had heard vaguely of the Sydney “chalkchase” geocaching a long time ago but i thought it was just a plain message in a cache telling you where to find the next one until you found the last one with something interesting in it.
        Very entertaining.

      • John Dowdell

        Actually, while we’re on the topic of puzzles, recently i was thinking it would be fun to put together a microcontroller puzzle board (for geeks).

        I’m not sure what kind of stuff i would put on it but if I get a uC with enough i/o and peripherals maybe there’d be enough bits and pieces to interact with to make it interesting.

        So you get some basic clue maybe printed on the PCB itself and you have to interface/interact with the uC through different peripherals/io for each puzzle. The puzzles get harder and as you go along, maybe the interaction uses more and more complex peripherals/concepts/protocols.

        It doesn’t have to be completely techie though. You could use real world memes, facts or clues somehow – like a clue that leads you to having to input the serial number from the barcode of a common popular store bought item into the uC via SPI (or something).

        not sure what the final reward would be though.


      • won’t play for me, been trying for 2 days

        • Al

          Video wont work for me either, other videos on youtube are fine, just this one wont play.

        • @Simon
          Sorry, no idea. It’s a just regular Youtube video, but on my other Partner account.

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