• EEVblog #97 – Live Show #2

    The 2nd EEVblog Live show. A whole bunch of stuff – Extech update, Agilent, Extech and BK Precison LCR meters, uCalc project, broken chairs, BP oil spill solution, the Large Hadron Collider, decade resistance boxes, multimeter shootout and countless more viewer questions.

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      • Charlie

        Hi why are Fluke multimeters so much mre expensive in Australia compared to the US. Are they ripping us off?

        • Hi why are Fluke multimeters so much mre expensive in Australia compared to the US. Are they ripping us off?

          Most likely just a silly regular country based pricing scheme. Yes, we get ripped off here in Australia. Fluke aren’t the only ones, everyone does it in all sorts of businesses.
          It’s often done to protect dealer pricing margins, although in the case of Fluke I have no idea of the reason.
          I know that the Fluke Australia MD reads this site, so maybe he’ll chime in?

          • Ray Jones

            “I know that the Fluke Australia MD reads this site, so maybe he

          • Edd

            Yeah, unfortunately a lot of companies do it. It’s because it includes import costs/shipping + GST + hedging (allowance incase our currency drops). There’s also the smaller economies of scale, as Australia is a lot smaller than the US. Some companies are a little *ahem* generous with the hedging, and you will note that with certain products, $400US = $800AU, even when the dollar is $0.90+. (I’m not talking about Fluke here – I haven’t really looked, but I’m hoping they’re not that bad.)

          • Ondre

            Hey Dave,

            I got my brand new Fluke 87V from Ebay today. It was a real bargain. Only half price of what you usually have to pay for it in germany. Very strange, but everything seems to be fine. Already loving it 😉


      • This was a long one but I enjoyed it.

        From the looks of it though, you need a huge flatscreen in front of you to read comments and see the video feed AND to look at the main camera for the non-streaming YT video (sorry I missed the live version!). Perhaps instead of viewers offering their video editing skills they’ll instead donate one of those fancy new LED flat screens?

      • Dave,
        You need to build my “Wii Wand of Power” so you don’t have to twiddle your mouse to stop it from going into sleep mode.


        But it’s your computer so I guess it would be simpler to just turn off sleep mode 🙂

        I went into sleep mode myself around the 40 minute mark but that’s only because it was real late not because it was boring.

        Can’t wait for that $100 DMM shoot-out!


      • Tjeerd

        When you are gonna test the amprobe for the 100 dollar shootout try turning the range swtitch to another mode when is beeps and goes into auto off mode.

        The one’s we got at school keep beeping when you do that until you turn it off, just a fun fact…

      • David W

        I asked about the Agilent LCR-sorry, did miss the start… And if any manufacturers are watching, I’ll be buying 4 for work based on your recommendation! Great show, your time is appreciated

      • XynxNet

        Hey Dave,

        thanks for the exzellent quality recording. Uncomparable better than last time. 🙂

      • Tom

        Hi Dave,

        Sadly I was to late to watch the live stream, but I also like the recorded version.
        Next time, please make the chat window larger so we can still read it when a lot of messages arrive at the same time.

        What’s all that stuff about Jeri’s stream? Where can I find it?


      • JRR

        It’d be cool if you could put the two cameras as near each other as possible so those of us watching the non-live feed could see everything you were showing (though thanks for remembering to show to both cameras most of the time, but it was a little irritating). Good show, thanks.

      • Sanyi


        Why don’t you buy some discount, el cheapo chair just for the legs?

      • Michael Thompson

        Great job integrating the chat with the video.

        Always an improvement!

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