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    EEVblog #1056 – Digilent Open Scope MZ Review

    Dave looks at the Digilent Open Scope MZ Review, an $89 open source oscilloscope, logic ...

    • rico

      congratulation for your 100th video!
      i really enjoy your shows 🙂

    • Bearman


      Wow. 100!!!


    • George Graves

      Awesome work as always Dave. Keep it up!

      Here’s to 100 more!


    • Congratulations! I’ve learnt many things about electronics thanks to you and it is very entertaining, keep up the good work !

    • Congrats! – A lot of time and effort went into those 100 episodes, I don’t know if everyone realizes that! Thanks for destroying that piece of crap by the way!

    • fox

      im watching you since 1 episode.
      its a grate fun!

      watching this mix, i do miss your:
      “what tick me off” i think those ones are awesome 😀
      “rant of the week” that was also amazing 😀

      btw. this mix remind me “digi key” episode.
      i start using those webpages. and indeed they are cool. you can find stuff what you never dream off.
      but prices are not that grate. its almost like jay car.
      i was shopping for 1watt star led. and in jay car those things cost $10. and i had to buy 500 of them… this is just wrong!
      and through “digi key” i found the cheapest for $7.
      in the act of despair, i went on ebay… oh Lord.. that was shocking !!! i bought 500 1watt led for $350. less than dollar a piece.

      i check them with those jay car ones, and there was no difference. (except for 5 jay car ones i paid $70)

      guy on the ebay turn to be a factory in china.

      btw. they also sell 100Watt LED. for $50
      say WHAT !!!

    • chris


      Keep it going on, Mate!

    • Henrik

      Congratulations! Very cool, very cool indeed.
      While watching this I remembered all the good book reviews (I miss them!) and as Fox is saying the “What ticks me off” was also a great part!
      Your DMM reviews are _awesome_ I love those, but it could be cool to see some solder iron reviews maybe? Or maybe some more about the process from idea to PCB (Including the layout process!)

      Anyhow even though might not do this your show is still awesome and I will keep watching it!


    • Hi, I’ve see a few of your videos now but I didn’t realise you were up to 100!

      Congrats man, your fanbase is still growing by the looks of it, keep on sharing that knowledge!

    • John

      Congrats Dave! I’ve only started watching recently, but I think I’ve caught up. You can really see how your comfort with the blog developed and your personality came out over the course of the year. I love the bit at the end where your wife lays down the law! lol.

    • Brian Hoskins

      Pffft. A *REAL* Electronics enthusiast would be more concerned with his 128th blog. And for that matter, his 1st blog would be EEV Blog #0 😉

      …and actually, blog #127 would be #7F!

      Congratulations on your 100 blogs! 🙂


      • or alternate between blog 0 and 1 perhaps? :->

    • magicmushroom666

      Incredible how far things have come.

      Some of the best moments captured in there for sure, had me laughing out loud!


    • Michael Thompson

      Got on board at ep 17.

      Here’s to 100 x 100 more episodes, Dave!

    • walter delbono



    • Cecil Casey

      Looking at the retro review I am guessing I must have picked you up about episode 8.

      I just want you to know that it has been a fun ride ye Gallagher of multimeter’s. Shame you didn’t have the high speed camera for the last couple of shots 🙂

      Thanks and keep up the good fight.


    • 100 Eevblogs BEAUTY!! Congratulations Dave!! I’ll be eagerly watching the next 100 to come.

      Thanks for sharing your time and effort with us your fellow EEFREAKS/GEEKS every week!!.

      I hope that some day you could buy a DeLorean, for that is my dream too, but here in Argentina is not so easy to accomplish.
      Anyways,congrats again and..

      By the way, check out:



      See ya!!

    • Congrats on the milestone Dave. That meter at the end needs to be put into a zip lock bag and mailed back for warranty repair.

      • That meter at the end needs to be put into a zip lock bag and mailed back for warranty repair.

        That would be a hoot!

    • David Milne

      Congrats Dave. It’s a great achievement, and I hope we can look forward to much more.

    • Matt

      Congratulations Dave! You are awesome! Professors in engineering schools should use your video blogs as teaching material to show the reality of the “real world” of engineering.

      May you have many many more episodes!

      Make sure you thank your wife for giving you the time to make the blog!

      Perhaps you should build some type of meter smashing machine. Some type of sliding weight mechanism with a count down timer and release and launch the weight mechanism…

    • Den tjocke konsulten

      Thanks a lot for spending all this time on making your videos, I really appreciate it!

    • Dave,

      Congrats on the big One-Double-Oh from Extech! Here’s to many, many more episodes and viewers.

      I can’t imagine the amount of time, planning and effort it takes to keep up with this, and keep your life going.

      From Boston, Keep up the great work!

    • Congrats! I have to say its a pleasure working with the eevblog from time to time. Keep up the good work!

      To all the EEVblog people who have bought from my company THANK YOU too.


    • Edd

      Which episode was the cost of petrol/dickhead clip from? I rewatched the 3 videos under the “DriveTime Rant” category but it must’ve been from one before they were categorised…


    • tobi

      thx dave !
      you make me laugh all the time and watching your blog never gets boring 🙂
      which was the episode with the flying pig accident ?

      cheers mate ;D

    • Alan Rutlidge

      Hi Dave,

      Congratulations on 100 episodes of really useful information and entertaining fun. 🙂
      I’ve been watching most of your blogs since you first posted a link to them in aus.electronics and I’m ever so glad you’ve persisted with continuing to inform, entertain and dispell the B/S in the industry. Great work. Keep it up. I look forward to seeing a lot more.

      Alan R.

    • Really good post.I like all videos in this blog EEVblog #100. Its very superb. I enjoyed very much.


    • PK

      Congratulations on Blog #100.
      I’ve been following them from number one, when I first made mention of them in the aus electronics newsgroup. It’s been quite amusing & educational.
      Keep up the good work.


      • PK

        Correction to above post:
        “when I first made mention”
        should read
        “when you first made mention”

    • Alfredo

      I just spent about 10 hours non-stop looking your videos, they are great, thanks!

    • Whit+


      Thanks so much for you blog and congratulations on your 100th episode!

      I learn something new every time.

    • 116 or close to it, not 100th.
      if you add up all the part 2 of the two part blogs!

    • I’m surprised you didn’t take a sledgehammer to the thing that nearly killed you!

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