• Canon 5D Mark II HD Video Documentary – Behind the Scenes

    Come behind the scenes on Karl von Moller’s latest documentary “State of Electronics”.
    Karl shows off his Canon 5D MKII HD video camera and accessories he is using to shoot the documentary.

    Karl has been kind enough to share the how and why of “grading”
    And gives a sneak peak at what the final doco result will look like.
    For those (including myself initially) who though the background was “too dark”, it’s time to learn from the pros!
    Extra explanation text here:

    The Grading Process from karl von moller on Vimeo.

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      • Henrik

        That is one hell of a camera! Can we get some more information on this documentary? Seems interesting…

      • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

        Do I get this right, a blogger filming a documentary filmmaker while filming the blogger filming the filmmaker? *headspinns*

        • Nick


      • Hans de Jong

        Seems very promising documentary. Do you have any details on when it is going to be aired and such? I am quite interested in electronic documentaries 😉

      • John R

        What is the curvy red board placed behind you? Looks like something out of a fancy set top box.

        • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

          Dave explained that board in some video. Unfortunately I don’t remember which one. The board was a demon, enhancing / changing an existing design to the max.

      • That is one heck of a nice camera. Sure to be a great documentary! Is the target going to be TV or internet?

        Interesting lighting, I would have though the background would have had a bit more light but I guess it might look a bit too busy…

        • sneakypoo

          “Interesting” isn’t the word I’d pick. Personally I thought it looked like crap to be honest. All the light was focused on Dave’s head and the rest just sort of faded out into murkiness.

      • Nice item … lotsa $ … think what U have works fine though ! $ 1500 a bit steep for a tripod tripod though.

      • Thought I’d update people on some of the tech involved in Grading images etc. This might help some to understand why the ungraded images you see here look “Dark”


        Enjoy! 🙂

        • Awesome work, thanks Karl!
          It’s good to see how the real pros do it and why.
          My initial reaction (like everyone else who doesn’t really know pro video) was that “the background is too dark”, but the grading produces a first class final result. Brilliant!


        • sneakypoo

          There we go, much better. I have to say I was really surprised about the look of the initial video, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting from a professional using some pretty nice gear.

        • Hi Karl,

          Great video demo, the final version looks fantastic! Thanks for the peek inside the editing world.


      • Probably my fault. You think working in Advertising would teach me!?? Releasing anything before its Graded, Mixed and properly “Finished” before time is always a mistake! But in my enthusiastic state I allowed the video to go out RAW and unprocessed to show the base image. I realise I should never do that again. Any case, I’m very excited about the project and can say the Documentary is going to be awesome. Thanks again Dave for you contribution. Will keep in touch! 🙂

        • sneakypoo

          I think it was a good thing. Those of us not in the know got to learn a little bit about how post processing works.

        • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

          From one Karl to the other. No, it wasn’t a fault. IMHO it is perfectly legal that people ask about things they don’t understand.

          • For sure! It’s something I have meaning to do for a while anyway. In my industry though, you really only get one chance – that’s it! If you don’t showcase your work perfectly the first time, you generally don’t get a second chance. It’s my fault for not presenting the work properly, not yours for asking, if you know what I mean? I don’t think anyone was implying that it was illegal to ask, I think that’s only natural. I appreciate your comments though 🙂

      • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

        Dave, one suggestion.

        It is common with bloggers to add the word “update” or “updated” in some form to a blog entry’s title if the contents of the entry was changed after the initial publication.

        This allows readers to spot entries that have changed and, if they like, reread the entry. I almost missed Karl’s explanation.

        Usually readers don’t remember the exact title of an entry, so just changing the title, without the magic key word “update(ed)” doesn’t cut it.

      • Dave

        Wondering what microphones you use most often for documentary style films. I have the H4N, but I obviously get a wide range of results when using different gear. What type of microphone would you use if budget is an issue, and what would you use if it’s not an issue?

      • I never upgraded the 5d classic, but now canon don’t support it I might just have to 🙁

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