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    EEVblog #943 – How EEVblog Does Video Editing

    Dave takes you step-by-step through his video editing, rendering, and transcoding process for an EEVblog ...

    • Henrik

      Very good once again 🙂

    • Dave,

      Just to let you know two of your internal article links are broken.

    • Jan-A

      Do you have a way to influence the volume of the individual recordings? I think Chris is always a little bit more quiet than you.

      • I’m just not as big of a loudmouth! 🙂

        I do the touch up at the end, I’ll make sure I’m louder than I have been.

    • Steve G

      The Beagle touch link results in nothing found.

    • shodan

      what is a “jellybean application”

      is it like a single use program example I want to use a arduino to control my bigass air compressor, reading the pressure, data logging energy and air use and also logging and controlling the temperature with a separate window air conditionner to cool the tank and intake air (to condense all the water and maximise tank capacity)
      is that what you mean by jelly bean application ?

    • Arnold

      The Afghan mineral findings is just used to elevate the noise, so as to drown out valid signals.
      There are no satisfactory conditions to actually mine (roads, ports, utilities, and stable government). All current mines in Afghanistan are located very near borders, so it’s easier to get the needed infrastructure.


    • Arnold

      Working, clickable URL for above:

    • Hey Dave & Chris,

      Nice show guys, you’re doing a great job!
      Congrats on the cool article in the Make blog too 🙂
      Just thought I’d mention the Maker Faire – I’ve attended and shown at two faires in Newcastle UK, the first was free to all and the second faire only cost a few pounds, bargain! I highly recommend you check one out if you get the chance, it’s a fantastically vibrant community.

      Maybe you should do a mini faire in Oz Dave, I’m sure there’d be the demand, they’ve recently had a Maker Faire in Africa – it really seems to be picking up pace worldwide!

      Loving all the industry/politics discussion, it’s great you’re airing important issues of this sort – all power to you!

      Over and out


    • awesome show guys. I’m also looking forward to see Arduino document.

      From Argentina, Cesar 🙂

    • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

      You got a make blog mentioning. Hope it increases revenue 🙂

    • Chris

      Hi Dave,

      great show.

      You mentioned 8 Bit Computer remakes in FPGAs. There is a website that hosts itself (!) on a discrete 74xx based CPU. Check out http://www.mycpu.eu


    • Ford

      In the podcast you why more people are from a software background rather than hardware in the hacker/maker community. The believe the simple answer is that more people write software than develop hardware, at least in the US. In fact, a significant percent of “software developers” here do not have degrees in engineering or math therefore do not have any knowledge of digital logic or analog circuty.

      Another major problem is cost. With beat up old PC, Linux and an internet connection you can learn to program for free. Doing even basic micro controller projects require parts, soldering iron, multimeter, and the list goes on.

    • Mike

      Dave you have a hack space in Sydney http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Robots_and_Dinosaurs
      It’d be cool if you could attend one of their meetings (with your camera) and do a vblog on it.
      They have a NYC Resistor Maker bot, and seem to hold some cool events.


      • Yes, I’ve donated some benches to the Sydney R&D lab.
        Will have to actually turn up there one day!

    • brad

      Great show guys.

      It is hard to find this type of content NOT made by someone trying to sell you something.

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