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EEVblog #1035 – Flaming DIY Power Supply

Smoke in the EEVblog Lab! What component failed and caught alight in the RD Tech ...

  • Just do RF. Power scales from the milliwatt to the megawatt.

  • nice i see that show live :P, awesome be able to see what others are saying

  • shodan

    I’d love if you’d review that guy’s LCR thingy
    not to determine if it is a good or bad one
    but review the actual design and say stuff like he says this part for do X, and he’s using that other part wrong the correct way to do this would have been so and so and that other thing is a very good pratice etc etc ..

  • peet

    uni-t just heard that evil word.

    i’m pretty new to electronics stuff and trying to serially (rs232) readout the meassurements from an el-cheapo uni-t meter.

    clever that they include NOT a single information how to use their shit in my c# projekt…
    good luck theres a thing called internet where you find everything but the latest xbox sdk 😛

  • wardenclyffe

    I have missed all of the live shows!! Where do we go for the chat and how do we know when they happen?

  • Hey, if you come across that video you were talking about with the current snaking around because of the routing above could you drop the link here?

    • Will do, wish I could remember were I saw it or what it was called. It was many years ago now.

  • Hans

    the guy who asks for protecting voltage regulator from overcurrent might find this circuit suitable?


    • Hans

      Or was it overvoltage? i wich case it wont be :/

  • Nick

    Make a 10 minute ground plane blog on your whiteboard. 🙂

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