• 4th LIVE Show

    Why the heck not!
    A 4th LIVE EEVblog show will be on 7:30am this Monday SYDNEY time.
    Click the live tab above to get other timezones.

    Usual story, bring your questions and “ask Dave”. Dave has an opinion on everything!

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      • Peter

        Dang- Right when I start work… Maybe next time.

      • Aron

        Cool I think that’s 5:30 PM EST in the US

      • fox

        grate… i was trying to watch it and it was loading for 30 min giving me connection errors. try later. connecting. etc..
        i believe there is some kind of limit.

      • http://SparkyLabs.co.uk Simon

        That was great but meant staying up till midnight with a bad cold, luckily it was bank holiday monday the next day. Any chance of moving it in future so it falls on a saturday or friday in the UK ?

        • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

          Probably not, sorry. I did a poll and this was the most popular time for everyone.

      • http://gushh.net GuShH

        This 30th? right now? maybe I’m a bit early…

      • Slobodan

        When would be available for download?

      • Napalm

        Indeed, I can’t see it on your ustream. I missed the live show by minutes and would really like to watch it.

        Just thought I’d check the YouTube channel and it was uploaded about 12 hours ago.


        Thanks Dave