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    • MikeK


      Great with a new live entry 🙂 For the benefit of your international guests, would you consider to publish the time of the event in GMT/UTC too? – As most people probably do the conversion to their local time better from GMT than from Sydney time?


    • zerth
      • MikeK

        Thank you Zerth, I think I was off by about 1 day or something 😉

    • God damn… My internship starts tomorrow. Won’t be able to stay up because I want to make a good impression on my first day. Oh well, make sure you record it. 🙂

    • Peter

      Nice- I’ll be in on that.

    • Dylan Cupedo

      This time i will do everyone to be there! Must watch the live show whatever it costs! MUST WATCH!

    • Dylan Cupedo

      It’s my birthday by the way today :).

    • Frank

      Too bad that it will be impossible for me to watch it. I’m in france and Monday, I must go to school :/ . I hope you will put the show on youtube !

    • Dylan Cupedo

      I’m sitting here in a dark room, 23:23 and ready to watch the EEVBlog Live. Awesome!

    • Bearman

      I had to laugh. You picked another American National Holiday.

      I was out of town myself but I’m guessing your American viewership was slim as it was during the July 4th show.

      No worries. No more big ones coming up until Thanksgiving in late November.


      • No, it was the day before labour day, the date is day ahead here in Sydney! I had a record live audience this time around.

    • necercis

      Awww man, I missed another LiveShow. I would appreciate if there was a notice about week ago.

      • Sorry, I typically don’t make decisions that far ahead!
        Sign up to my RSS or Twitter feed to get the announcement.

    • Will this get posted on the site soon?

      • Eventually, yes. I have not edited it yet.

    • Bearman

      I stand corrected. Need to brush up on my geography.

    • Bearman

      Congrats on the record live audience.

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