• 6th Live Show

    Big turnout for the last show, so why not, lets do another one!
    UTC: Sunday, 19 September 2010 at 21:30:00 (that’s Monday 20th 7:30am Sydney time)
    See my Live show tab for further details.

    I’ll try and get the camera recording working this time, but I tried that last time too and failed!

    I will take a few things apart, including another new German meter!
    Anything in the lab you want to see me crack open?
    And as usual will be taking questions and ranting on anything and everything you throw at me.

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      • McPete

        Sounds good- I’ll have to come home for that one, I don’t think I’ll have got the ‘net connected at my place for Monday 😛

      • peet

        hey dave,

        would you mind including a table with the different start times for each time zone`?


        • The link to a table is is on my Live Tab

      • JPR

        Dave! Take apart your pico-amp powersupply!

      • @Dave: Here’s a picture I got of your last live show. I you [dave] live on my 9x5ft projected screen.



        Suggestion on a possible future topic: For hobbyists people without engineering degrees it would be nice to have a list of passive component-uses and there names. So like Decoupling Capacitor, Bypass Capacitor, Shunt Resistor… can’t think of others right now. But I would be nice to get a list and the reasons you might use them.

        If you want my suggestion on what to take apart; try one of these devices those companies have sent you to review 🙂


        • 9ft Dave, that’s hilarious!, and scary…

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