How to Entertain a Nerd

My entry for the Youtube/Vodafone Australia Secret Talents competition.
No new material, but a quick 90 second retrospective some might enjoy, so I thought I’d share.

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    • Hi Dave,
      where can I vote 😉


      • Unfortunately it’s not even up on the competition website yet… and yes, if it does make it, everyone can vote!

    • i cannot copy this video >:(

      • What do you mean by copy?

        • CJ

          I think he means a download link. He might be behind a firewall and blocking youtube. I know at my work youtube is block as well as many proxies. So I have to download videos directly from this site. Great job Dave!

    • TooManyHobbies

      well, I’m entertained, even though I’ve seen it all before.

    • Joe

      My favorite … i smell bullshit ***
      Watched it 5 times today – still entertaining. Would like to vote for you.

    • Ok, where did you get the flying pig? It’s a long standing joke in this household. The SO will say “Yeah, when pigs fly…” and I’ll reply “But they do!”

      • A colleague got it while overseas quite a few years back. Can’t remember the details, sorry.

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