• EEVblog #114 – Electronex 2010 Electronics Exhibition

    A few snippets of the Electronex 2010 Electronics Trade show in Sydney Australia. I wanted to shoot a lot more stuff, but ended up spending all my time yapping to people instead!

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      • George Graves

        That was great Dave!

        But I must say, the whole time you were taking to the Rigol guy, I was screaming at my monitor “Ask him about the hack! ASK HIM ABOUT THE HACK!”

        • Hypernova

          Heh, he would probably become persona non grata at Rigol’s booths in the future if he did that.

        • BTW, he’s not a Rigol guy, just the Australian dealer for Rigol (Emona).
          It was discussed off-camera 😉

      • That was cool Dave, enjoyed it.

        You might consider finding someone to act as cameraman when you do remote stuff like that.

        • You might consider finding someone to act as cameraman when you do remote stuff like that.

          Yeah, that would have been nice. The plan was to set up the camera on the tripod and actually get in front and do some proper interviews as well, but I never found the time. So just ended up with some kinda lame ad hoc footage of me behind the camera. *sigh*

      • Way to go Dave, amazing video. Awesome products.

      • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

        I like the Rigol marketing weasel-words “not at this stage”, “potentially”. Yeah, nice way to say “Huh? never!”

        I am surprised about the Farnell Arduino clone. Because in my country Farnell refuses to sell to individuals or consumers for principle reasons. Only business-to-business. They don’t need no stinking money from hobbyists. So to whom do they want to sell these Arduino clones?

        • Hey Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)
          Which country are you in? Here Farnell will sell us anything above Au$10 and deliver for free. If you have problems, perhaps you could mention this to your local Farnell people.

          Seeing their Arduino clones is amusing though, somewhat more expensive (+40%) than the originals!

          • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)


            It is tradition here that electronics distributors only sell to businesses. Mentioning it to the local Farnell people here won’t help, because the local Farnell people make up that policy.

            Farnell Germany isn’t special in any way. Distributors in Germany have thousands of excuses why they don’t sell to hobbyists. The truth is, they just don’t want to. It is general, decades long German distributor asshole culture from the times we had a great economy running and they constantly had parts on allocation. In fact, not selling to anyone but businesses is what defines a distributor here, as opposite to, for example a large retailer.

            The irony, when I talk to them in my business capacity as an EE in a large company, German distributors would almost suck my cock and lick my balls to sell my employer something. Especially during the recent economic downturn. When I talk to them as a hobbyist, they tell me to piss off.

            Farnell can be circumvented, because there is a certain retailer stepping in. You can order Farnell products from the retailer, the retailer orders them from Farnell and forwards them to you. But really, what is the point? Why should I force my money onto Farnell via a retailer when they don’t want it in the first place?

            German distributors were always assholes like that. I remember an episode with another distributor when I was an EE student many many years ago. I needed a special part. I wanted to buy that part, I didn’t even know about free samples then. The manufacturer pointed me to a German distributor. I gave them a call. I didn’t know I should better have mention that I was a student, because distributors make exceptions for students. I just asked for buying that part. The moment the sales agent figured I wasn’t a business he gave me 15 minutes of an earful. How could I dare to call them and waste their time? They were so sick and tired of people just calling and wanting to buy their wares.

            Needles to say, in my whole career as an EE I made dammed sure not to do any business with that distributor. Whenever I could I steered business away from them. I had a big fat grin on my face when they were bought by an other asshole distributor and reorganized multiple times, lots of employees fired. And still make sure to steer business away from the distributor who bought them.

            • ac

              Karl, it’s similar here in another euro country.

              I can get Farnell parts at no extra charge from local hobbyist shop (it’s possible they get the parts from Farnell at less than what it says on Farnell public web, otherwise they’re doing charity work). You could ask around if there’s similar option available at some hobby shop there.

              Other than that, some people at local forums also set up a group order from digikey. Again it’s someone doing charity work, gets the parts from digi then ships them locally, allowing to do those small orders at lower cost than direct from digi would be.

              Last, for just starting out, check Taydaelectronics.com and their ebay shop + sure-electronics in ebay. I got my breadboard from ebay.. was some $15 for similar board size that’s $80 at digikey. And strip/breadboards $1 at tayda.

              • ac

                Meant to say strip/protoboards. At $1/board I don’t see myself trying to roll my own boards in a while. I found a program for doing stripboard design, it’s called Lochmaster. The v4 beta/demo looks real nice.

            • Tony

              Part of the reason might be that if they sold to consumers directly the usual consumer protection laws would apply; can you imagine mess of people returning “it-was-dead-when-I-bought-it” components after burning them?

              Some years ago there was a local electronics shop around here that was similar; you had to provide company name for any purchase (even single capacitor). Of course you could just put any company name there, shop owner didn’t really care, but since you claimed you were doing purchase for a company, your normal consumer protection rules wouldn’t apply anymore. Of course you could fight it but then you’d have to admit you were lying about the company when you bought it…

              Dunno whether farnell there would sell/ship to you if you signed on as some dummy company…

      • Hans

        That was some awesome bit of kit. Jees, those oscilloscopes and other spectrum analysers are crazy too look at. Any chance you can review one (and take it apart :D?)

        Tomorrow there is an electronics trade fair in Amsterdam too, hope to see some of the bigger players as well there.

      • Chris

        I was also waiting for you asking the Rigol-guy if the optional features can be enabled by changing the model number 😉

        This first Agilent Spectrum Analyzer reminds me to the e-meter of scientology *duck*

        btw. have you edited the sound at 17:59? *fg*

      • Topher

        uhhhh, what a great time to be a nerd. I’m glad I wasn’t born in the 60’s.

      • Robert

        Great show Dave, hope you can do more of these.

        Hope you can get someone to pay you to go to the Electronica!

      • Colin

        Thanks for the great run down on the show Dave. I couldn’t get there, so your tour was good. You looked at all the stuff I would have!

        The lowest level LeCroys might be rebadged Siglent I think, but I haven’t seen them up close and might be wrong. Same concept as Agilent rebadging Rigol.

        I notice Goodwill Instek didn’t get any exposure, were they there with Emona? I can understand why the new Rigol might grab the spot light though.

        Glad to see a Hameg DSO in your tour, they look interesting.

        Topher said “I

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