• EEVblog #117 – Renesas Devcon 2010 Day 1

    Somehow Dave scored an invite to Renesas Devcon 2010 in Anaheim California, a mega event for microcontroller and embedded uber nerds.

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      • Thanks for the tour Dave. It’s fun to see that not all the big company are putting out those crappy old fashioned trade show.

        Enjoy your vacation 🙂

      • mamut

        Indeed, she is really pretty:)

      • joshisandesh

        Thanks for putting it together Dave.
        Don’t forget to put in your part of the speech at the podium.

      • David

        It’s probably significantly easier (read cheaper) to print the crappy quality currency we use… and with the way the FED wants to run the printing press we better save as much as we can

      • MaxHeadroom

        Dave…Dave…Dave…What are you doing? attractive wife, foreign country….and your editing video…

      • Raff.

        Dave, thanks for the tour. Wow, free food, looks good too, and free beer! Must have cost a fortune. Your wife looks very nice too!

        I stumbled accross your video blogs searching for Rigol, and I have watched every one of them, love them!

        I picked up a Rigol DS5202CA, use3d but as new, it’s great.

      • Thanks for the behind the scene look at the event. They sure spared no expense putting it on! That bag sure beats the plastic bag that I am used to getting. 🙁

      • Dan

        Love Australian money! Looks like toy money to me! In New Zealand, we still have the polymer money, but the colours are much less vivid…

      • John

        It’s a little hand? And it’s WANKY? Does that mean what I think it means over there?

      • Brock

        If you ever have more of that sickly green US bills that you don’t want I’ll happily take them off your hands for free.

      • chrisw

        Spared no expense? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it costs normal humans about $1000 to register. So don’t be too dazzled by all the “free” stuff.

        • Spared no expense? Correct me if I

      • Dave your in my Town!

      • Great job Dave!

      • Aki

        Do they use Renesas uc in Volvo’s braking system? 😉

        “Volvo Accidentally Crashes an S60”


        • Tom

          Renesas or not, most of those stuff ups are programmer’s fault not micro. Not enough money for testing and pressure to have it ready tomorrow doesn’t help either…

      • Brad

        Your wife is beautiful 🙂

      • Al Martin

        Bloody brilliant! Love this insight.

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