• EEVblog #119 – Renesas Devcon Day 3

    Day 3 (for Dave anyway) was all about Open Source Hardware and gEDA. But let’s not forget the Q&A with the head Renesas MCU honcho, and the evening with James Meigs, editor of Popular Mechanics magazine.

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      • AskJacob

        Hmm. Thinking that the dev board would be great to cut my teeth on something beyond the AVR/PIC stuff.

        I looked at the competition, and thought I’d never get a decent 600 word proposal (just a simple hobbyist here, with no real application yet)…

        So I tried to see if you can just buy one to hack around.

        I think I know why I have not really heard of renesas before… Their site is downright horrible when it comes to finding their products and how to get them (both the parent and the renesas rulz site). It suggests perhaps some distributors, but no real way to just order one directly…

        Bleargh! Will keep an eye out, but not going to chase my own tail trying to get my hands on the kit 🙂

      • Bill

        Thank you Dave, it’s very hard to pick interesting stuff from such a big conference !

        BTW: I don’t know what else anyone can anyone say about free software, the whole concept and industry are all around us today, it’s just a ride for starters.

        PS. What about the RedHat shirt ? you have to be bold to wear that shirt !, specially for a company that outsources development to Indias who use Windows & Cygwin to develop !
        I work for IBM and trust me I rather wear a mickey mouse shirt !

        Anyways, the conference was a success, what do you think Dave ? Are you going to start working with Renesas parts ?

      • CJ

        YEAH! Day 3 is up. Thanks dave for the DEVCON videos, learned a lot, didn’t know Renesas even existed!

      • Wow, Dave, great videos and coverage, I wasn’t hip to Renesas prior to this, but you’ve got my interest! Maybe I’ll attend next time.

        It would be nice if you did a series/review of those open-source EDA tools? gEDA seems to have come a very long way! I hear things about every once in awhile about kicad, too. Overall, it seems a lot smarter than wasting money on E*gle or Alt*um.

      • walter delbono



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