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    • Thats quite a board to just give away for a contest, too bad i never touched anything from renesas.

    • kodon


      • Aki

        AND dangerous, is it legal to videoblog in Down Under while driving?

    • kodon

      AND the audio is therrible. Can we get back to the lab? 🙂 The chopper amp episode is my favourite. I’d love to see more theoretical stuff, and embedded application schematic analysing.

      Oh! How about some C / C++ code examples with a specific circuitry?
      Like a touchable PCB with a microcontroller?

    • What a great dev board! Or maybe it’s just the fancy LEDs attracting my attention… Anyway, I’ve applied for a free board — will have to see how Renesas values an EE student (hopefully highly!). Here’s also hoping to get the board in time to join the race.

    • John R

      Well my kit is on the way from renesas, plus some extra bonus prizes – all that for a good idea, brilliant!. Lets hope I can get my project off the ground!

    • polossatik

      lovely, again America only stuff.
      I really wonder when some firms they will discover the world is bigger.

    • SockThief

      Just got my board in Sweden 🙂 actually, I kinda forgot all about it, took a long time, and figured my submission wasn’t up to it. Come home for lunch one day and FedEx was just dropping it off… sweet.

      Really awesome looking dev board, but haven’t had a chance to open it yet… yeah i know, weak, right! Still can’t wait, as a Mac user, Im still looking to work out the best dev env, or whether i have to pull up winXP….

      But yeah, have to agree with John R here, got some work to do now to get the project off the ground, should be fun though!

      Merry Christmas Everyone!

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