• 7th Live Show

    It’s been a while since a live show, so why not, lets do another one!
    UTC: Sunday, 28 November 2010 at 20:30:00 (that’s Monday 29th 7:30am Sydney time)
    (Sunday, 28 November 2010 at 12:30:00 PM LA/California time)
    (Sunday, 28 November 2010 at 3:30:00 PM New York time)

    See my Live show tab for further details.

    The plan this time is to attach the live camera to the regular blog camera, so should be no issues with recording this one.

    I will probably take a few things apart, anything in the lab you want to see me crack open?
    And as usual will be taking questions and ranting on anything and everything you throw at me.

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      • robert

        That would be 21:30 CET (still Sunday though).

      • Tom

        21:30, prime time! I hope I don’t forget to watch.

      • Zyvek

        How about a quick overview/tutorial of the Rigol FFT function? That’s new to a lot of us who have only used analog scopes before. Just a thought.

      • And the european audience should turn up at 23:30, just as always.
        I’ll be there tonight. 🙂

        I’m hoping you could tell us something about power management in battery powered projects. Stuff like charging and monitoring a li-ion/lipo battery and good voltage stabilizers for battery applications.

      • Ricardo

        Hi I would sugest you to do I review on a VIDEO INSPECTION MICROSCOPES, now a days it is very necesary instrument in a electrinic lab, if not in your live show plan for next video blog thank you.

      • Michael Thompson



        Naaa I’m just kidding…kinda.

        You know, I WOULD like to see you break in to one of the cheap Android tablets that are becoming a thing of sorts at the moment.

        They are super cheap and would be interesting to see under your microscope.

      • Blitzcoder

        I would like you to take apart your selfmade (?) Power-Supplys. The big ones with the the big control knobs and a range of a few thousand Volts.

      • robert

        I liked it!

        I didn’t get all of it though, as I was soldering all the time. Millions of 4-wired connectors. Almost as challenging as the the mess of wires in Dave’s old CMOS clock.

        This year I’ll have XMAS lights as well, and I won’t take any prisoners. Muahahahaha 😉

      • Rasto

        again, I’ve missed it.
        Is it possible to see update to this site on Android device? What do You guys use?

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