Regular Heroes of Science 2011 Video Competition

Dustin Welbourne from the Canberra Reptile Sanctuary is putting up $7500 prize money for a video science competition.
And yes, engineers being an applied science can enter too.
It is however limited to Australia and NZ only.

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    • XynxNet

      Great Idear!

    • Brad Basler

      Hey Dave. You sir, are an inspiration. Sorry for being suck a kiss-ass, but as a recent EE graduate looking for work, I cannot tell you how much your blog means to me, and certainly to people with similar goals in similar points of life.

      Anyways, I hope you never tire in producing your wonderful blog, it’s been a great supplement to a traditional uni education–heavy on theory with little practical expertise.

      Best of luck to you mate :). BTW, Love the PCB Design Guide.


    • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

      Disgusting spam. Let me fart in your general direction.

    • bloomtom

      You might want to tailor your canned spam a little more. Saying “I like your style of writing.” on a video blog is a bit of a giveaway.


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