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    EEVblog #1040 – Caesium Beam Frequency Standards

    A look at the Caesium beam time and frequency standards at the Keysight standards lab ...

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    • Michael Thompson


      I spend all day at a QC bench taking stuff apart to evaluate failures and I STILL enjoyed watching!
      (Except for watching you manually remove all those screws! I got repetitive stress just watching that.)

      THANKS for the awesome look inside what is obviously a very very good piece of gear….again!

    • robert

      I wish I could take stuff apart for a living… that would be a blessing.

      • Michael Thompson

        robert, it truly is.

        Oh yeah, I forgot.
        There wasn’t any ESD protection happening either.

        • Michael Thompson

          My bad. He has a mat now.

        • Yes, there was ESD protection, mostly for the main board, I had a strap on my left arm. and the desk mat is static dissipative.
          Not that I usually take ESD precaution for this sort of thing anyway, ESD robustness is often part of the teardown test :->

      • I wish I could take stuff apart for a living…

        So do I!
        Unfortunately I have a day job.

        • Michael Thompson

          Get good enough at it and it can be.

          Dare to dream. LOL

          I’ll try to remember that today. 🙂

    • Alex

      According to your PCB experience hint us in Dave, what are all those small holes (i’m guessing test points) on the PCB? Are (so many of them) they really necessary?

    • Mr J

      Man I wish I could move that fast, lol. Excellent video Dave!

      • FreeThinker

        Update! Mr D.Jones becomes Agilents employee of the month for is amazing assembly skills and speed Lol.Looking forward to the in depth review.

    • Universal

      firmware crippling is quite common these days as we all know.

      check these headphones that have been crippled with foam to change their frequency response.


    • DB

      Very nice. I will definitely keep this scope in mind when I am ready to upgrade from my little 20Mhz one.
      Am I mistaken or around 14:00 do I see what looks like flux residue still on the board?

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    • DBaron

      Beautiful! Makes me wish I could justify $2k+ for a more modern scope.

      Dave, do you ever hear from any of the engineers of any of the products you tear down? What do they think of your videos?

      From an engineer’s perspective, I’d guess that seeing your baby meter or scope that you’d spend the last year or two of your life carefully crafting laid bare for all to see on YouTube is a pretty scary experience.

    • Dave, Nice job getting it put back together. I thought you might have an extra screw or two. You forgot to mention the R8C microcontroller that manages the front panel. I saw it about 12:53 minutes into the video. 😉

    • Steven

      Have any idea what those big half-tinned pads are? The ones marked L2800, L2801, etc. I might guess test points for maintenance, but that doesn’t sound quite right.

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