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    • Wonko The Sane

      Use it as a calender – Tear out one page a day – It should last almost 4 years…


    • Eric Smith

      I use Digikey’s online component search all the time, but I also do use the printed catalog. When I don’t know exactly what I need, it is often much easier to flip through the printed catalog than to try to figure out what search terms I need.

    • Asm

      Yeah, experienced the same thing myself, except it came direct from the US (to Norway). Pretty hilarious – I can’t even imagine how much shipping would’ve been. Got a cryptic package notification in the mail, and stopped by the post office to pick it up. Was pretty surprised (well, as were the post office staff) when they dragged a huge sack out and gave that to me.

      If only they offered free shipping on my orders as opposed to on the catalogs…

    • Can I have one instead please Digikey 😀

      I’m a big tree-ware fan, being able to flick through even 2800 pages, my brain is just much more capable of assimilating the information than it is off a monitor.

    • Wilfred

      Come of it Dave!
      This is Australia. Surely the use is obvious.

      Depends on whether the ink smudges though I suppose.

    • Jaspel

      I’m from Minnesota and we had next to no snow, but there was a huge snowstorm throughout the central country 15? some days ago. I know the Digifacility has its own mailing flights, but perhaps they took a nice little detour.

    • This same thing happened to me. Was a VERY bizarre way of sending a catalog!

    • Mike

      We received the same thing here in New Zealand after ordering some parts from digi key.

      What was really odd the catalog they posted out had all USA prices listed. The 3 unsolicited catalogs we already had from digi key were already printed in NZ dollars. Wouldn’t you think they would realise that they had already posted hundreds of NZ currency catalogs in NZ and a USA currency catalog would be useless. They even posted one to a mates model airplane shop(why?, Who knows)


    • f4eru


      it seems swiss post also operates in the US…

      The digikey shipment probably travels through them, or they are in charge of security at a given airport …

      “Swiss Post International offers business customers in Switzerland and abroad bulk mailing services for letters, publications and small goods such as books, CDs and wine. It develops tailor-made services for individual sectors such as mail order and finance. ”



    • Raj

      BURN IT!

    • XynxNet

      These sacks are great! Usually they are very strong and durable.

    • Andre

      Digikey they are pretty good they mail my stuff to the wrong address and they find out withing one day and they call me to tell me about it and they ship to my address, and the didn’t charge me shipping, I was surprise, most company they don’t even find out until you call and complain

    • Ian.M

      Well thats a real wristbreaker. I wouldn’t let it anywhere near the bench as if I knocked it off I could put myself in hospital.

      Drill a hole in the corner, plane the binding off and hang it on some STRONG string from a 6″ nail in the dunny. You can always save any pages that are worth keeping as you find them. Should last the average family till the next one comes! LOL

      I always preferred the RS Components approach of intelligently dividing the catalog into sensibly sized sections and providing a storage box to put on the bookshelf, though it was always worth gaffer taping the bottom of the box …

    • VanLarry

      Huh, it’s slightly thicker then Mouser’s book, 2190 pages.

      Keep the bag, it’s hard to find one that is that big and durable. Since it’s from the Swiss, where’s the uh, knife? 😉

      These catalogs are usually free for those that want one. Just phone them up and ask or something.

    • Arthur

      About what to do with that:
      Get another one and try the super strong phone books myth from Mythbusters.

    • huh

      1448 paper planes?

    • I once used one of the US-based mail forwarding services to have a package shipped to Australia from Avnet, who otherwise only offered expensive international courier options. I picked the cheapest forwarding option and it took a month to arrive, but was labelled Swiss Post and was dropped off at my house by a casually-dressed guy in a Commodore. I doubt that the mail is actually going via Switzerland, but rather they’re just offering bulk/cheap/off-peak mailing from the USA.

    • Hello Dave,
      Our intention is to only send our catalog to those that want to receive it. If it was received, we had information on record that you wanted to receive a catalog. If it was received and not wanted, simply inform us (https://ordering.digikey.com/Forms/DKC/WWW/RemoveFromMailingList.aspx?WT.z_ref_page_id=sitemap_removemail)and we will update our records.

      We are contacting our mail provider regarding the post bags. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

      We apologize for any inconvenience,

      Digi-Key Corporation

    • Newton

      Rip it in half with your bare hands !
      I dare you !!!
      I double dare you !!! :-))

    • Elliot

      I once got a shipment of books mailed back from China where the box got destroyed and they came in a nice canvas mail sack like that. Many of the books were damaged, but at least I have a China Post laundry bag…

    • Butters

      Maybe it was sent to Austria?

    • Urgon

      I’ve just received huge bag with this catalog. The fun part is that I don’t have account on DigiKey website and I’ve never ordered parts from them…

    • BT

      Not that you can do it in in Australia necessarily, but soak the catalog in water and it makes an excellent platform to shoot and see bullet penetration and expansion patterns.

    • Wow

      Wow Dave, what a baby. You get something for free and just complain and bitch.

      You claim to care how many trees it took to make it, but you’ve said you know the global warming science is a sham – in one of your own eevblogs.

      There must not be much worth doing a blog on if this gets your bloomers in a bind.

      Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

      • Yes, I bitched about it because it was a STUPID and WASTEFUL thing. Digikey have THANKED ME for the feedback and are looking into fixing it. Mission accomplished. Plus I hope some people were amused by it. You are the baby for complaining about it, not me. I produce content that people enjoy, what do YOU do?
        I did not say global warming science is a scam, but that I do have issues with some of the crap that is thrown around about it all. I don’t buy the whole end of the world tipping point bullshit.
        I consider myself a bit of an environmentalist, and care a lot about that sort of stuff.

        • Nick

          I find your video amusing. 🙂 I wish I had a book like that, I could press a lot of flowers, when im not reading it.

          By the way, if you would never read it, you could use the paper to start your campfires.

    • sieni

      Apparently they have cut down their packaging.
      This is what i got http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/1319/catalogvi.jpg

    • Adrian

      I’d rant about the paper waste instead of the postage failure (which is also to rant about). Come on! 2000 useless pages! use a PDF! for trees sake!

    • alesan

      I normally use those catalogs when I have to drill something and I am not using a drill press.

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