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    • PedroV

      Hi Dave!
      Cool what you found there!
      Are you into audio stuff?
      Would be cool to see some tutorial about Class D power amps and why not also a tutorial about class AB, C, .. for beginners?

    • PedroV

      Hey, it’s your 150 post! Congratulations!
      Keep up the good work/entertainment here! 😉

    • johnmx

      Hi David,
      I found the same Easter egg on the MSO7014B, but in this case one need to press: Utility > Service > 4x the 5th softkey

    • madler

      Amazing that they are still doing this!
      On my old 54601A you can play some Tetris after entering the Print/Util menu and pressing the second and third softkey simultaneously.

      • Joe

        Hey ! I have a 54601 too ! Yeah.. tetris game is a nice diversion 😛 I imagined they would have made something alot more impressive on the newer scopes, although it looks like they were pretty busy building the actual scope instead of playing around!

    • Steve

      So, did you ever get a reply from Agilent for the reason that the Agilent 3000 series smoked? Or did they just send another one to you?

      • No response yet, they are still investigating.

    • Mark Holland

      I think the april fools joke has come true, eevblog, sponsored by agilent, all things agilent.

      Does anyone else not see this? I mean, he says he owns rigol, stated in older posts, yet talks down about rigol and highly about agilent, and how agilent doest use rigol on entry level anymore. And realy? he didnt go buy these, they are not from his job, and why would Agilent send them to him????

      Yea, hello, sell out….. site has nothing to do with electronics, just a glorified review site with agilent leading the way.

      ok, lets see how long this post lasts until its delete, the last one was 1 day.

      • Machina

        Not sure I follow you. From his previous reviews it appears that manufacturers and dealer send him stuff to review all of the time. Its pretty common for all recognized reviewers, from movie reviewers to car reviewers to get loaners. Happens all the time.

        Personally I have a 200 MHz Rigol 4 channel scope I paid $1900 for. I like it, but if I were buying now I would have paid another $800 for the equivalent Agilent 2000 series. Maybe next time.

      • Don’t be an idiot, there have been 3 (THREE!) product reviews in the last 30+ episodes!
        Manufacturers send me stuff for review, just like they do for the magazines and other big sites.
        They have been doing that for about a year and a half now, didn’t you notice?

        • firewalker

          Let them nag. For some people it is like food. Can;t live without it.

    • does it come with a waveform save option?

    • John W

      The last HP scope I used had tetris as an easter egg. Much better than just having credits.

    • most agilent scopes have easter eggs.
      whenever you find a soft menu that has no lables for a few of the buttons : try pressing two or more unused buttons simulatneously.

      the 546xx series has multiple easter eggs.
      there is the game ( some have tetris , some have archanoid ) and there is the badger screen ( a dithered image of a badger that gets drawn using a lissajous figure and displays the name of the developers )

      Oh and megazoom has been around for a long time. The idea behind the agilent scopes is different than what other manufacturers use.
      Most copes capture , crunch capture crunch. the crunching bit is done by the cpu.
      Agilent has a different approach. They have a custom graphics system with layers. The host cpu has access to a text layer, an icon layer and a cursor layer.

      The megazoom asic has access to the vector layers and spits out the trace directly to those.
      The display engine then performs a logical or between the layers and dumps the result to the screen.
      In the Infiniium machines they use a VGA card with a feature connector and DPRAM ( dual ported ram). Windows sees the VGA card and does its thing totally unaware that someone updates a chunk of memory throught the dual port. Windows simply draws a black rectangle there. the logical or does the rest.
      If you use alt-printscreen on these machines you get a black area where the waveform and cursors scould be… in later machines they trap the alt-prtscreen and produce the composite themselves.

      pretty nifty.

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