• Trailer – State of Electronics (Roll Call)

    Check out Karl von Mollers latest trailer for his epic multi-part documentary State of Electronics:
    The original in here: http://vimeo.com/21424290
    Fellow bloggers: Karl needs help in getting as many views as possible in order to help sell the documentary to the big media players, so if you could repost the trailer that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    Roll Call – State of Electronics from karl von moller on Vimeo.

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      • Michael Matheson

        Very nice trailer, hopefully this makes its way to the states!

        Also just FYI there Dave, the ‘http://’ when you linked to his site is missing, so it try’s to go to http://www.eevblog.com/www.karlvonmoller.com...

      • Is there any way to set the video to not autoplay? sort of a pain when it’s in my feed reader.

        • John

          Yeah, that’s a major PITA. Glad the Youtube videos you have on the front page don’t do that or you’d have quite a symphony when opening the page…

      • Ah, never knew Cochlear was based in Australia. I have a chochlear implant myself (Freedom proc). Now I really have to watch this documentary. 🙂

        Very slick looking trailer as well. Can’t wait to watch the final product. I’d like to help Karl with getting the word around, but I don’t have a blog or anything like that…

      • Robert

        Looks like it’s shaping up to be a very interesting documentary. Looking forward to seeing the real deal.

        I do have one little complaint though, the constant “omg-something-is-about-to-happen-any-second-now buildup music” is incredibly annoying.

      • Damn, you guys seem to have a lot of tech-related museums in Australia. I wish we had that many museums in The Netherlands…

      • XynxNet

        Dave, the link to http://www.karlvonmoller.com is broken.

      • Raff

        Looks great, very interested in seeing that one!

      • Retched


        I would find it hard to believe that with all of that quality content (Especially Dave 😉 ) That the History International channel and/or the Discovery channel does not pick this up.

        I would be weary about releasing the film in its entirety before securing a deal. Hopefully the trailer will generate enough buzz that a big player will pick it up realizing the profitability of all the free advertising.

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