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    EEVblog #1056 – Digilent Open Scope MZ Review

    Dave looks at the Digilent Open Scope MZ Review, an $89 open source oscilloscope, logic ...

    • Nick

      I always thought this pin 5 of 555 was evil and should be chopped off, leaving us with the first and only 7-pin IC.

      Well done Dave!! Having the mood to make such a thing (unspeakable!! drill through the breadboard)shows that engineers are indeed a special kind of people. Keep up the good work!

    • Phil Reynolds

      Very cleverly concealed. Thanks for showing how it was done.

      A breadboard is something I have been meaning to buy for years – I may need one for occasional component testing. That and a bench power supply are high up on my list of future purchases.

    • George Graves

      Well done. You had me fooled….although that’s not saying much. 😉

    • Good one Dave! Convoluted and simple at the same time, thumbs up! (Y)

    • TheEENerd

      u bastard!!

    • Good one 😀

    • huh

      I opened a breadboard once but there was a ton of glue in there that would make soldering impossible. Your one seems something that can easily turned from a breadboard to a stripboard.

    • David DLC

      Oh, yes some people was able to reproduce the problem as they reported it on the forum…..

    • Ramzi

      So you went into all this trouble just to fool us. well it did work although most of us suspect it was april fool tbut we couldn’t prove it was fake. anyway Thumbs Up.

    • FreeThinker

      Great feeling for the subconscious of your viewers, a defo ‘kings new clothes’ scam. I knew it was April fool’s joke (and called it as such ) but it wasn’t until I spotted the wires under the breadboard that I could relax a bit. I’ve never used the 555 off and on for all of it’s 40 yrs but never consciously considered the reason for pin 5. Nice one.

    • Hi David !

      Very nice April fool. I would have pushed it even further : in my version the modulating signal would have been an audio signal, then you can connect to some amplifier and play Rick Roll !

    • Mark

      Really, am I the only one who see’s the Agilent ad? a project dedicated to showing us both scopes, and the generator set to 55.5hz? he makes sure to say another scope…in this case, just simpler to use a function generator than setup two scopes. oh wait, these are paid ads, nevermind.

      • John R

        I don’t think anyone cares that Dave is paid in oscilloscopes and multimeters – his content is still great and much more than an advert – if I had a scope with a siggen built in i’d be using it too.

      • Don’t overread into things. They are not paid ads. I used what I have available. My other function gen is analog, and it was just easier to use the DDS gen in the other Agilent scope to get precisely 55.5Hz. And it was just sitting there anyway so was the least hassle.
        Perhaps I shouldn’t use ANY gear lest people think I’m advertising them? *rolling eyes*

    • electrocute

      Dave, I think you should not accept the products after the reviews, it adds a tinge of tarnish to your credibility as an unbiased reviewer, as well as ammunition for all the haters and trolls out there. I myself don’t mind it, as the content is still great. I like to think people have a sliver of intelligence to do their own research and make up their own minds about a product before they purchase a piece of equipment and not take a review at face value.

      Though, if I was in your position I would probably keep the products as well! How could you turn down an oscilloscope like that! 🙂

      Keep up the excellent work!

      • FreeThinker

        I agree,you should send them to me (drool). What exactly would you like Dave to do? Tape over the manufacturers logos etc? Grow up. We live in the real world and these are his latest toys so for sure he’s going to play with them first. Any one crying foul only makes themselves look silly.

    • I Should Shut You Up.

      I think, (for some reason), that Mark, electrocute and FreeThinker are the same person.
      Are we Looking at a case of schizophrenia???

    • Dammit Dave!

      Nicely done.

    • Sneaky… I didn’t notice the date and was thinking that was an amazing discovery, I was wondering why that was never discovered before! Good one Dave. 🙂

    • minifloat

      1 april
      4 + 1 = 5

      • 1st April 2011 = 1 + 4 *11 = 55

        • MikrySoft

          That piece of math literally hurt me…

    • Nick

      (((1 + 4) * 11) * (11 – 1)) + 1 + 4 = 555

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