• EEVblog #165 – Problem Solved

    Dave had a small problem in the lab and fixed it with some electrical tape.
    Yes, the video is pointless, but why not?
    Could have been funny if it failed…

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      • robert


        Maybe we should wrap some of that tape around the nuclear power plants in our neighbourhoods. That will be several magnitudes more helpful than all the bullshit coming out of the dirty mouths of politicians and power company lobbyists.

        Germany’s chancellor has got a PhD in physics (or was is physical chemistry… whatever) and she was still totally pro nuclear power, before Fukishima occurred of course. I just don’t get it…

        • john

          Nuclear causes a disaster when it goes wrong. Coal burning causes a disaster when it goes right and coal burning goes right a hell of a lot more than nuclear goes wrong. Get it?

          • But what takes longer to vanish? CO2 or radioactivity?

            • MikrySoft

              I know that’s a bit of a gravedigging, but the answer is: CO2. Every radioactive substance has it’s half-life so it will decay sooner or later. CO2 on the other hand is stable and will stay unchanged until some chemical reaction uses it – a photosyntethis for example.
              Aside from that, most coal-burning powerplants emit radioactive substances in smoke and ashes they produce. Here in Poland we have the biggest brown coal powerplant in Europe that produces EVERY DAY in it’s ashes radioactive materials that are equivalent to the fuel nuclear power plant of the same output power uses for a YEAR. Still thinks nuclear is worse?

      • sionyn

        gravity pwns

      • Jon Chandler

        If you leave the tape there, it will be ok the next time you knock it over too!

      • Dave, I though you would have known that duct tape is the universal fix anything tape! Crack out a roll of duct tape next time you are in a bind and you won’t go wrong.

        Once you have a few rolls of the stuff you will be able to clear out half of the stuff you have in your everyday tool box. Drills, bits, nuts and bolt. Who needs them? Just add an extra wrap of duct tape and call it a day. 🙂

        • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

          When it sticks, but shouldn’t: WD-40
          When it doesn’t stick, but should: Duct tape.

        • Jay Ts

          Old saying: “Duct tape is like The Force. It has a light side, and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.”

        • I do know that, I’m a huge Macgyver fan. The electrical tape was close to hand so I used that, and well, this is an electronics blog…

      • Jay Ts

        Dave, do you mean “vinyl tape”, or is there a variety of tape in Australia that is actually safe to use with electricity? 🙂

        Here, I’ve trained myself to say “vinyl tape” instead of the more common “electrical tape” or “electrician’s tape” that has (historically) appeared on product packaging of vinyl tape.

      • Ben

        Everyone has its own preferences when it comes to tapes, Universally speaking ducktape, electrician’s tape, and cloth tape are the favorites, sadly they use the worse kind of glue and leave a grasy gluey residue, electrician’s tape is by far the worst and when it ages it’s just nasty stuff !

        • HammerFET

          Nothing a bit of flux cleaner or alcohol can’t fix ^_^

      • HammerFET

        Our electronics lab at college had a full wall sized version of those about 5ft tall and 5ft wide. It was sat on a workbench along a wall with some cables running behind it.

        My mate went to get some components out and tripped on one of those cables. Entire thing comes crashing down on him, he looked like a squashed spider where all you could see where flapping legs from under it.

        My mate was fine but had broken two computer screens and the technician who had to clean it all up, had the most priceless look on his face! Everyone else found it hilarious.

        It has since been screwed to the wall, Dave maybe you should do that too 😛

      • Bambur

        I wonder how that thing ended up on the floor like that at first place 🙂

        • It was already on the floor (standing up), I of course knocked it over!

      • FreeThinker

        Murphy RULES! Toast always falls buttered side down. Having a clean out? How about a Blog on all the forgotten bits and pieces you find?

      • Ramzi

        Very smart. but these kind of things should be coverd from the back side, so it will be easier to flip it around without duct tap and wasting time. maybe this one should be one of the bad designs that you criticize.


        • Covering the back wouldn’t have helped. If picked up the draws would simply have fell out the front!

      • Mal

        I have tons of these cabinets. The type I buy have a metal rib running across the back of each row (to keep the drawer from sliding out the back).

        I always buy some Velco tape, cut it up so each drawer is secured by a small strip of Velco to the ribbing on the the back. Works great.

      • I’ve had to go through moving flat with some component drawers like this. Tape each end – back and front, and some vertical strips to keep it together and very little was disturbed – perhaps 1 or 2 disk capacitors may have dropped out…

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