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    EEVblog #821 – Mailbag

    EEVblog #821 – Mailbag

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    • http://www.toddfun.com Todd Harrison

      Your equipment reviews and tear downs are what keep me hooked! Keep them up. I like that you not only review them but are informative on how to use the equipment which is extremely useful to beginners and hobbies.

    • johnw

      There is a 230v transformer up on ebay as a spare part for the E3610A at the moment, shipping will be a killer though..

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        Yeah, shame postage is a bit on the pricey side.

    • firewalker


      The Agilent DSO took the place of the analog Hameg!

      R.I.P. Hameg!??

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        I have to do a re-org of the shelving, the analog scope is worthy of staying, if only to add some street cred :->

    • http://dren.dk Flemming Frandsen

      Wow, I have exactly the same PSU, though mine says Agilent, not HP.

      Funny that they have kept exactly the same model name like that, you would think there would have been at least one revision over the years, so they would have had to bump it to E3610B.

      • Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

        Version numbering and bumping up revision numbers and letters has largely become the responsibility and privilege of marketing departments. It could well be they revised the PSU, but marketing declined to bump up the letter.

    • John

      Love seeing Dave work in accelerated motion, he looks efficient! 😀

    • David


      If you’d looked at the Agilent manual site, linked below :

      “How do I change the power-line voltage setting for an E36xxA-Series power supply?
      … etc …..”

      “For the E3610A, E3611A and E3612A:

      It is not possible to change the line voltage setting on these supplies.”


      HP, great product support, I’ve always disliked their PSU, my E3631 has exactly the same issue that you cannot set/check the O/P without connecting to the load.

      Manual for your supply with the schematic showing the transformer issue right at the end of the 15M PDF

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        Of course they are going to say that, even if there was a tap on the transformer :->

    • http://www.elvtechnology.com.au Shaun Clarke

      Well that would explain why there was no range switch on the back!

      PS… I’m still looking forward to a review on the 40A switchmode supply :D.

    • hacker/maker

      I want arduino/launchpad shields/kits from Dave’s store.

    • Hezekiel

      You’re full-time now? Does that mean the µCurrent will be in stock?

    • Ray Jones


      simple solution – buy another one and wire the mains in series to the two units!

      Otherwise stepdown tranny is the go methinks.

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        Now that’s novel! :->

    • K5HJ

      Even better solution, send it to me. Should work great here in the US.

    • http://www.pants-man.com.au jonsey32

      So in light of us Australians having a tough time powering the E3610A, do you have any other recommendations for bench supplies?

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    • Steven

      Hello Dave,

      You tricked me buying in one of the new Agilent DSO 3000 series, it should come in next week. :-)

      Have you seen the ‘cheap’ GW Instek power supplies? I recently bought the GPD 3303S (S = 1mV resolution readouts, D = 10mV). Its not that cheap actually but it is so far up to my expectations. Nice seperate volt/current control with preview and fine-control.


    • Vojislav Bandobranski


      there are models which is possible change of input voltage: HP E361xA 60W series.



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