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    Yes, I hate Facebook, but some people like it, so just a reminder and small plug there is an EEVblog Facebook page:

    And I’ve now got it set up so my Youtube videos automatically get fed to the Facebook page.
    Usually no other content on there, just my video blog posts, so you won’t get bombarded with stuff.
    (people didn’t like my Twitter feed going on to there)

    Because I upload video to my Youtube channel before they make it to the WordPress blog here (sometime 24 hours later), you’ll get it first.

    So join, or “Like” it, or whatever it is if you want.

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      • Drone

        “Yes, I hate Facebook, but some people like it…”

        I hate Facebook too.

        • I hate it too, but everyone It’s on it and prefer to answer “inbox” or facebook-chat messages over plain, old and perfect e-mail.

      • Steve

        I must agree with, I don’t see the need in giving away any more of my personal information that I have to. If someone wants to contact me they can email me or pick up the phone. Telling people what I’ve just had for tea through a status update isn’t my thing.

      • Alex

        Right there with you. Facebook is almost evil. I wonder how much of your target audience actually like facebook.

      • ac

        Don’t all the youtube and fb viewers miss the ads on the site? Though it’s hard to say what’s a good strategy of redirecting them, or even if it’s a good idea (you know you’re really popular when the comment section quality drops down like a rock).

        • I still have ads overlayed on the embedded youtube video. But yes, they miss the ads on the blog site. I don’t mind, happy to provide and for people to use whatever method works for them. The iTunes/podcast version doesn’t have any ads at all.

      • Spectacular … I knew I was right to add you to my feed reader.

        Greetings from Argentina

      • ac

        Good news everyone!


        Though it says the 6 million user drop in FB is more “6 million didn’t log in last month” rather than permanently deleted accounts (which apparently is made hard in that if you “delete account” then log back in within a month it cancels the pending delete).

      • Avotronics

        Having my head stuck in circuit boards all day long, working long into the night with only caffeine and as a friend, I sometimes feel that I should get out and find a life.

        But then I think of all the freaks on facebook sharing their pointless and unproductive thoughts.

        I feel better.

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