• EEVblog #178 – Agilent’s U1272A Response

    Agilent responded to the U1272A problems within 3 weeks, and have a nice present for all current owners to boot.
    Mini rant time too – Manufacturers take note, this is how you respond to problems and keep customers happy.
    Hey Fluke, where is your response?
    Here is the Agilent notice:

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      • sinuscosinus

        Thanks Dave!
        Great blog for the whole electronics community.
        Mistakes happen but some companies don’t bother…


      • Joseph

        Well said Dave! You’ve hit the nail on its head once again. A big thanks goes to Agilent for caring about their customers and shame on Fluke for the way they handled their problem. This will deal their reputation a massive blow and that’s the way it should be unless they address their problem ASAP.

      • Mark Zacharias

        Can’t say about the GSM problem, but Fluke did replace my 85-3 with a new 87-5 after I reported the sleep-mode current drain problem. Even contacted me back after their original failed service attempt to make good on it.

      • gordo51

        Maybe Fluke thinks most people hold their cell phones up to their ears rather than beside their multimeters? You know, maybe its not relevant?

        • jer

          And I suppose cars don’t need seatbelts because no one would ever want to crash their car?

        • Philly

          And maybe at one distance it bricks the meter, but at a slightly greater distance, it just gives flaky readings. Cell phones do transmit more than 3 feet…

      • mali

        Thanks Dave!!
        GA. USA

      • Geo Centric

        Yes, it’s good that companies are responding, but making the customer be the quality assurance department is a poor practice.

      • Nick

        Another happy story 🙂

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