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    As the titles says, Negative Feedback T-Shirts are now available in the EU through Fabrily. ...

    • wardenclyffe

      Awesome! I have been waiting for another live show since I missed the last one. Cant’t wait.

    • http://www.digi-online.net masterburner

      If you want to calculate the correct time for your timezone, use this: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=%2810%3A00%3A00+AM+24+july+SYDNEY+time%29+to+%28CEST%29 (and modify the (CEST) in the formula to your timezone).

    • http://www.jmedved.com/ Josip Medved

      It was much better when you had a job. At least then you started shows early in the morning.
      It will be 2 AM in most of Europe when your show starts. It better be worth it. :)

    • http://www.twmd.co.uk Logictom

      Been a while, looking forward to it :)

    • Jeremy C.

      For anyone having problems with flash and Ustream playback.

      I reccomend using VLC player to open as a network stream.

      • http://ustream.vo.llnwd.net/pd16/0/1/16/16202/16202995/1_3066349_16202995.flv?ri=5040&rs=90&OBT_fname=Live%20show%209%2c%20live%20stuff%20eevblog%20on%20USTREAM.%20Technology.flv Jeremy C.

        links were stripped, my apologies. If all goes well, my name will be the hyperlink.

        • Z

          That works great, thanks Jeremy!

    • xenodevil

      can’t watch the recorded show on ustream, it just eats up my processor :S waiting for the youtube version :S

      • http://www.digi-online.net masterburner

        Yup, we all experienced the same problem last night. Ustream recordings (not live shows, though) chew up your CPU completely.

    • agent_J

      At first I thought, that the video was recorded with the washing machine, but it turns out that UStream player is completely ridiculous. Not only it hogs CPU, also the quality is poor …

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        No one complained about the video quality this time. Do you have a better suggestion for live streaming?

        • agent_J

          I meant that for some reason (bug ?), the ustream player makes it impossible to watch the video (even on quad core CPU with 8GB RAM ;))

    • http://seotips-pavan.blogspot.com/ pvnkumar

      it is first time i am visiting this blog and got nice information from the video !

    • http://ustream.vo.llnwd.net/pd16/0/1/16/16202/16202995/1_3066349_16202995.flv?ri=5040&rs=90&OBT_fname=Live%20show%209%2c%20live%20stuff%20eevblog%20on%20USTREAM.%20Technology.flv Jeremy C.

      I think Ustream player has some incompatibilities with adobe flash, though I’m not sure which party is at fault. You can download or stream the .flv file using VLC media player, I’m sure there are probably others, but this is just what I’ve found to work.

    • EEVblog