• EEVblog #188 – iRiver Story HD Google Ebook Reader Review

    Dave unboxes and reviews the latest iRiver Story HD Google Ebook Reader and compares it to his Amazon Kindle 3.
    How does it stack up?

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      • Squonk

        Nice work!

        FYI, I did a teardown of the Samsung E60 Ebook Reader on IFixIt.com:

      • Greg G.

        I think the reason the page number jumped around was because it was marking the boundary of the actual start of that page as it isn’t one-to-one mapped.

      • Ltbob

        Hah sitting in the bathtub

        those little incy tiny keys :/

      • Hypernova

        A real disappointment, especially considering the time they had to learn from the Kindle.

      • John

        Crikey Dave! Don’t wave around the battery with a knife like that! Can’t even watch the video without grinding my teeth and grasping the armrests!

        • It’s ok, I’m a professional :->

          • Uncle Vernon


            “I’m going to make that my epitath!”

      • Kart (not that Karl, the other Karl)

        Can you load a PDF datasheet on both of them? I am still looking for a reader that is acceptable for reading datasheets.

        • I showed a PDF datasheet on it.

      • XploD

        The kindle has a similar option regarding the typing of numbers via the keyboard.
        When holding the ALT button, pressing q to p results in the number 1 to 0.

      • huh

        Last year I played for a while with a cheap Cybook Opus ereader and of course I immediately tested how it rendered technical PDFs like data sheets and books with lots of diagrams. It worked though on a couple files there were problems due to the low number of grey levels the display could render. The main problems that made it next to unusable however were its slowness and the definitely too small display size.

        This one is surely much better, but for technical stuff I believe we need no less than 8″ or 10″ screens to avoid being forced to zoom back and forth.

        These readers are also good for being carried along, so I believe audio capabilities (mp3/ogg) and FM radio are highly welcome additions to them.

        • Yep, I agree, the screen needs to be several inches bigger, at least. Preferably A4 size!

      • Drone

        Hi Dave – Did you get the Google login sorted out? I too live outside the US and am wonder if that’s why they locked you out. It is amazing how these DRM obsessed business people make impossible for people around the World to give them their money! And, if only it had audio…

        David in Jakarta

      • Ted Miller

        Thanks for the video. I see that Iriver story hd has an amazing feature, high resulution that will make every pdf easily readible. But if I choose kindle, it will be a real pain with many pdfs.

      • Hello Dave,
        nice review. I have a few notes.

        The ghost thing you show in video happens on my kindle too. But, it’s easy to get rid of it. You just press Alt+G to redraw the screen.

        Another thing is that i change orientation of the screen when i look at PDFs or the web. The nice feature on the kindle is that 5-way button changes orientation too. When you press button aiming down, your cursor moves down. I wonder, how iRiver solved this.

      • Ian

        Could it be that the reason the page turning is slower on the iRiver is down to the higher resolution or (it looked to me) like the pages had more text on them than the Kindle’s ones? That is to say the iRiver had more to render on the screen.

      • Gary Wheeler

        I don’t have the ereader, but downloaded the product manual. It says that you are supposed to turn the unit OFF before inserting or removing an SD card.

        Don’t know why this is, and its A rather poor way of doing things IMHO. Maybe it has to boot up with the card in it.

        A rather primitive system it seems, but I do like the high resolution screen and the abliity to move around in large pdf’s like blueprints, maps, technical illustrations, and that’s why I would probably use one. That, and the fact I can get California’s building codes for free as pdf’s.

      • I’ve

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