• EEVblog #189 – iRiver Story HD eBook Reader TEARDOWN

    What’s more fun that reviewing the new iRiver Story HD Wi-Fi eBook Reader? Tearing it down of course!
    Dave cracks it open to see what’s inside.
    Hi-res photos are here:
    And Yes, the JTAG pins are there, right under my nose as labeled test points. Left side of the processor. Doh

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      • Squonk

        Sorry, should have added the comment here!

        FYI, I did a teardown of the Samsung E60 Ebook Reader on IFixIt.com:

      • chuck

        What’s that dark black square in the center? There’s also around the sd-card connector.. is that a cut-out?

        I forget what it’s called but sometimes instead of manufacturing a proper package around for an ic, they just seem to put a blob of plastic around it. I’ve seen that on some character lcds. Anyone know the name of that technique, and if that’s what the black square is on the iriver?

      • adam lumpkins

        Loved it!!! Dave why dont you upload to the eevblog fist?? lol you make me watch them twice. The second time just for the sake of visiting the EEVBLOG!!! lol Good job man!!

        • Dave why dont you upload to the eevblog fist??

          My videos are hosted on Youtube, so I have to post on there first before I can embed it on the blog site.

      • I really love the level of detail that you put into your videos. Respect!

      • RyanE

        Nice teardown.

        The unpopulated cable spot makes me think of the Nook, and wonder if maybe it could have been for a supplemental color LCD under the e-ink display, but I suppose there wasn’t really an LCD driver on-board.

      • jaspel

        It looks like the corner out of the upper right pcb could fit a battery. Perhaps use the same board in a smaller assembly?

      • Reagle

        That connector might be for the regular LCD display indeed- I.MX50s have an integrated controller.

      • Raff

        I have the iRiver Story that came out before the HD obe that Dave has torn down and reviewed. It too has a bit of ghosting and I have found out that the e-ink display, surprisingly, seems sensitive to sunlight! Too much direct sunlight can make the ghosting worse and the contrast lessen.
        Great as always, thanks Dave!

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      • I have a broken iRiver Story HD after a moderate (half a meter) fall. I am guessing I myself could change the display, but Google returned nothing on LG P/N 6841L-0233A. Any ideas, or am I up the creek?

        • dg

          Same here, except I never dropped my iRiver Story HD. I dont know how it broke. Maybe one too many mysteries? Or perhaps it cracked up over Bossypants. Meh, its still broken.

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