EEVblog #192 – Agilent Oscilloscope LOST Easter Egg

Just a quick one. Dave found the latest LOST easter egg in the Agilent 3000X/2000X series oscilloscope Ver1.2 firmware.

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    • Alex V

      “The Swan” and the Dharma logo are there as soon as you finish inputting the code.

    • The one at the bottom looks like Egyptian Hieroglyphic symbols.

      The first one is a cloth = S

      The 2nd is either an H or a U

      The 3rd, I don’t know

      The 4th is a vulture I think which is A

      The 5th I don’t know.

      • Yes, the writers never explained the Egyptian connection in LOST.

    • Pablo

      Just waiting for the Tek 2215 teardown!

      • Pablo

        Or was a 2225?

    • Wonko The Sane

      AAaargghhh!!! – you not to let the counter get to zero….

    • mesoiam

      I tried this and it just displayed a 555 Hz signal

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