• Random Cuteness

    We interrupt your regular program with an update on Project Sagan. Sleep mode now fully debugged and working.

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      • Congratulations!
        This will be a wonderful project.
        You’ll enjoy it – most of the times 😉

      • Dan

        Hopefully you know sed…

        *Almost* makes me want to have another one… but after raising 3 girls, I’ve gotten used to sleeping my 6 hours uninterrupted!


      • Mike

        After my first was born I came dragging into work one day after a very long night spent with my son. I asked my boss who had grown kids, “When does it get better?”. His response was “Never gets better… just gets different”.


      • Our own project launched twenty and a half years ago and is still going strong. Looking back, debugging driving mode was the toughest on my nerves.

        I hope your wife and you have as much joys as my wife and I continue to have. Children are time machines, they are how we touch the future.


      • adam lumpkins

        Dave, Looks like those trace’s are faned out a little to far!

      • Looks like you’ve eliminated noise on all IO channels, impressive.

      • Congrats! My wife and I just had our first (son) on the 18th of July and he is so cool! Everything has changed… I’m glad to see you are now a proud father, and I know it will be lots of good times. -RMG

        • Congrats to you too! Life changing stuff huh?

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