• EEVblog #197 – RAW! Testing µCurrent’s, Keithley Current/Voltage Sources, DIY Pick And Place

    The first EEVblog “RAW” Dave was assembling and testing some µCurrent kits on UStream and decided to record it. There is talk about his Keithly Instruments Voltage & Current sources, engineering statistics, and an open source hardware DIY Pick And Place machine.
    The thermal video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkVRX3h_A30 Around the 8:30 mark

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      • Philly

        If a person felt inclined to use some commercially available parts to do the DIY Pick/Place, I see that one of the vendors of your inexpensive hot air station has all sorts of assembled boards for sale too. The one seller has a whole line of stepper motor drives that work with 3rd party software for controlling multi-axis. There’s 4 and 5 axis drives available. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-TB6560AHQ-4-Axis-3-5A-Stepper-Motor-Driver-Board-/320732640254?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aad27b3fe

        I realize this isn’t exactly EE if you buy the parts, but, I think there’s plenty of work left to make this project consume lots of time.

        • Tom


          If you are interested there are several build logs for homemade pick and place machines on cnczone.com now.

      • Hey Dave,

        These free-style videos are nice! Keep em coming. 🙂

        You’ve been doing quite a few videos where you’re not facing the camera while talking, It would be nice if you can use a lav mic for those since your voice gets lost. Even one of the cheap $25 ones will probably do a very good job.


        • Yes, I would use one if I knew I wasn’t facing the camera. Just didn’t think of it this time, as this video was spur of the moment.

      • Mav

        Hey your thinking of flying a quadcopter down a canyon, if ya got the pennies for a lidar unit or two you might want to check out SLAM.


        I seen a couple of projects using the Kinect for SLAM but doubt that would be much use outdoors.

        Map that canyon , sure would be cool 🙂

      • William

        Hi Dave,
        What was the name of the other blogger you mentioned on #197?

        Bill Lee
        Northridge, Ca 91326

      • Lou Parsons

        How come the website says ‘out of stock,’ rats?

        @ 11:08 PST

      • Just have a look at:


        The guys from the Ultimaker already have a suggestion …

      • Imnama

        Hi Dave,

        Quadcopter (or hex, or oct) is big in europe.
        Also flying solo with gps.
        Check out this german site

      • chippy

        Says sold out on the uCurrent
        I want to order!!

      • Neil

        Hi Dave, am looking for a small touchscreen lcd any chance you can give the info on the one you were looking at for the Calc Watch.


      • Robert

        I say go ahead and make more of these. More content is always good and these types of random ramblings are always entertaining, it’s like a less structured drive time rant. I like it!

      • rfarrelly


        Can I recommend a great vblog I found lately, yes?

        It can be found at http://www.thesignalpath.com, if anybody likes your vbloggin they will like this content.

        Although there is little on here compared with your stuff, it is quality and the guys who run it have just really started.


        • Yeah, it’s good stuff, recommended.
          I think they mentioned they were inspired by my blog(?)


      • mlaargh


        Enjoying the “raw” video (not watching live, however), actually prefer it to the chatroom centric shows… Keep ’em coming!

      • Graham

        Would have been better if you could have faced the camera I’m sure the unit is much more interesting than your back for minutes on end.

      • Hey Dave your video was giving me carpal tunnel just watching you turn those screws by hand. 🙂 One suggestion is to use a drill with a clutch set way low to either drive the screw just 90% into the plastic thread or all the way with some delicate adjustment. On some of the cheaper ones the clutch is hit and miss but on the medium priced drills like a Dewalt I was surprised how repeatable the clutch setting was on delicate items.

        • Yeah, they are called electric screwdrivers. I’m not advanced enough to own one of those yet! Yet another damn thing I have to remember to recharge.

          • Robert

            Oh Dave, you just mod it! Make it run off the mains 🙂 (Or just buy one that does that from the start but where’s the fun in that?)

      • I enjoyed listening to you work while I am working on my various projects :). It’s like hanging out with a cooler & smarter version of me.

      • Hi Dave,

        I saw nice ready made pick and place machine.


        Your could be made with the same way as it was.
        Also you could use any Open Project 3D printer


      • JRR

        Dave, I just came across this object on thingiverse.com and thought of you. Particularly interesting given the Makerbot VC post you just made too

        Open Pick-N-Place Tape Feeder by Erik


        • JRR

          Also check the video link on that object, and that there are at least a few DIY/open source pick and place projects already started.

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      • kyndal

        what happens to all the lids??

        do they make their way.. through some
        wormholes in space’ to an entirely different planet?,

        and give in to the local inhabitants entirely more Biro life style?

        /Rune Kyndal

        • Got a good idea for hundreds of UB5 Jiffy Box lids?

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