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  • EEVblog #200 – Retrospective

    Posted on September 11th, 2011 EEVblog 18 comments

    Dave reflects on 200 episodes, his full time video blogging, and talks about some stats and the future of the blog.

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    • Wartex

      Oh god, saw the baby video a mile away.

    • David Robertson

      Have been watching the show since it was at episode number 4! Also LOL at 15:08 “OOOH LOOK AT ME I’M A DIGIKEY CATALOGUE”.

    • Robert Åkerblom-Andersson

      Congrats to 200 Dave!

      Keep up the good work, I hope you can get out of the lab and go to some more conferences and show them from the inside. They are so expensive to go to for “normal” people (who’s job does not pay for it all) that it is always nice to get some of the goodies without being there. The Renesas Devcon shows was great. Maybe you could start with some sort of rating system for the conferences, and after you get that going the ones who arrange the conferences might invite you for free or something.

    • Max

      Hay Dave congrats on 200 episodes. Just been playing with these displays, they only draw micro watts of power. Just thought it might be a good choice for your microcalc.

      Thanks Max.

    • Jakeypoo

      Stay tuned for Dave’s next episode, from his expanded-offsite recording studio/workspace (aka a 3m x 3m shed in backyard)

    • @jpwack

      Cheers on the 200 mate!

    • Shaun Clarke

      Congrats on reaching 200!

      I must say, I was surprised I didn’t see an excerpt from episode #94 when the Extech RC200 meter blew up.

      “Cos the piece of shit blew up in my hands. Argh! That’s right the damn thing blew up in my hand when I was trying to measure 240 volt mains”.

      Followed by:

      So my verdict on the Extech RC200 meter, even though this wasn’t a review because it was just a charred mess, well you guessed it *throws meter on floor* bloody *stomps on meter* tried to kill me…

    • pete

      Please Dave, DO NOT MOVE OUT of the garage. Park in the street if you need more room.

      Video blogging from the garage embodies that “can-do” spirit inspired by the many great electronics products and companies that got their humble start in some under-used corner of the house. The atmosphere of a real garage captures that DIY romance that burns within all engineers, hobbyist, hackers and makers alike.

      Moving into a dedicated space would seem too “corporate” and “bought-and-paid-for”, IMHO.

      • george graves


    • Mr J

      Great video! Start the kids early! I have a 2 and a 4 year old that help me out all the time in the lab, in fact this weekend my 4yo helped me rebuild my gas AC generator. He was just a tool go-fer but can identify basic tools and colors. Nice to have an extra set of hands.

    • Benjamin

      Hi Dave

      Thank you so much for the show. I’ve seen them all, some of them many times (mostly the tutorials). Currently running on the #50 on the Amp hour show as well.

      What’s all this EEVBlog anyhow :-)

      Benjamin from Denmark.

    • Alan Parekh

      Hey Dave,

      Congrats on number 200 and the growth of the site! Sounds like you will be an expert in scaling across multiple servers very soon.

    • László Monda

      Hi Dave,

      I’ve been watching you since the earliest days and I’m glad that you’ve made it so far.

      Keep it up man!


    • Michael K.

      Congrats to the

      222 222 222 !!
      2 2 2 2 2 2 !!
      2 2 2 2 2 !!
      2 2 2 2 2
      2222 222 222 Dave!!

      You are my most viewed podcast. I look 50% via iTunes and 30% on my iPad(TV) in my “lab” and the rest on my mac beside some boring computer work.

      I am also a full time at home worker with my two kids. Unbelievable that they now are 6 & 8. One of our first funny experiments was the “salt and pepper” motor and the toothbrush robot.

      Looking forward to the EEVBlog # 300, 400, …. 1000 …
      and good luck with your new lab.

      Best Regards from germany,

      • Michael K.

        ups – doesn’t work

        Let’s try again:



      • EEVblog

        Working from home with kids is a necessity I think!

    • Agent24

      Great video, now I’m going to go back and watch all of your videos (haven’t seen many to be honest!)

      Can’t believe you did a drop test on that scope! @_@

      Are Tek even going to let you review anything else after that…?

    • walter delbono

      congratulations daveeeeee… thanks for all the information you gave to us… eevblog gets every day better… keep on rocking the web… regards… :)